ion Stone (Sterilizing water maker) - Pebble type l anti sunrise products of ECOWELL Co., Ltd.


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

- Bluetooth remote control by smart phone app.
- Convenient wireless recharging
- LED lamp display of recharging and operating mode
- Easy to use by one-touch button

Power consumption
input : AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
output : 12 v, 2.5 A
Built in battery : 8.4 V 2 cell 3000 mAh
Usable time : 30 mins
Recharging time : 4~6 hrs
Main components: Body(pebble type) + recharge cradle
Material : ABS, Titanium

Description of the Product

Ion Stone(Water Ionizer : terilizing Water Maker)

Wireless/Portable Sterilizer

Anytime, Anywhere : The best way for sterilizing vegetables, fruits, dishes, and feet.
(removal of residual pesticides, bacteria, virus)

Clean and shiny pebble design