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Description of the Product

Harmonics from nonlinear loads such as UPS, inverter, PC, lighting equipment, etc. are introduced into the power system, causing malfunction of electrical equipment and reduced life span.
In particular, image harmonics are superimposed on the Neutral (N-phase) and have an adverse effect on power facilities due to overheating of the Neutral line (fire hazard) and increased iron damage in the noisy equipment.
This effectively improves power quality by installing image high wave filters on the distribution boards, which are the closest to the harmonic-generated loads.

**Price(EXW) : $277~1155

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Application Criteria
• KS C 4311
• KS C IEC 60076

Operating Conditions
• Netowrk Configuration : Three phase-Four wire
• Capacity : 3A ~ 100A
• Power efficiency : 97%

Electrical Characteristics
• Operating Temperature : -20℃~+40℃
• Operating Humidity : ≤ 75%
• Maximum operating altitude : 1,000 meters