Garlic Planter | garlic seeder, seed planter of KANG NONG Co.,Ltd.


Price of the Product

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Technical Details

·  Accurate planting with a regular distance, depth and direction
·  Auto Sprouting with slits on mulching film

· Mulching without Labor
· Hydraulic Side-Shifting
 - Independent from tractor size (mounted on 50~200 HP tractor)

* Specification
Planting Rows : 7 Rows
Planting Capacity : 2ha/8hours
Seed Planting Distance : 10cm
Distance between Rows : 16cm

Description of the Product

Garlic Planter | garlic seeder, seed planter

The planter buries the string of garlic seeds  under the ground
· The garlic seeds are planted as a string
· This machine performs every step of planting
      1. Cultivating Soil
      2. Planting
      3. Covering    
      4. Spraying 
      5. Mulching
· Fast planting & No miss rate with string of garlic seeds