ELECNC-1530 Pneumatic System Double Spindles 4 Axis CNC Router

Product description

1. With heavy duty frame and gantry; the machine was designed for durable.
2. Like another kinds of 1530 4 Axis 3D Wood Sculpture Machine, they were designed and made with rotary device.
3. The machine was designed with two spindles(Multi-spindle CNC Router), which can work at the same time or one by one.
4. Being equipped with a 400 mm diameter rotating device in the Y axis direction, the machine can be used to process the cylinder, which is different from 3 Axis CNC router Machine.
5. With DSP control system, it is easy to use and operate.
6. Concerning auto tool/bit changing, ATC CNC Router Machine can provided for your reference.
1. Multi spindles can work at the same time, and the machine can improve the engraving efficiency.
2. The account of spindle and working area can be customized according your requirement.
3. Please notice that it is an economical processing machine.
4. The machine can be widely used for  furniture( table legs, chair legs), stair handrails, sculptures, 3D relief and so on.

Technical Details

1. 1500*3000*300mm effective working area
2.3kw HQD air cooling spindle (2 spindles)
3.3.7kw Fuling inverter
4.FL118 stepper motor and YAKO2811 big driver
5.DSP A18 control system
6.20mm original Sweden SKF group international advanced 7.self-lubricant linear guide
8.French Schneider safety switch;
9.Vacuum and T-slot working table
10.Japan OMRON limit switch for X, Y, Z axis
11.Highly flexible towline, fire-resistant double-sheathed 12.Shanghai Gardiff cable with UL certificate
13.10~12mm Heavy duty Body
14.5.5kw water vacuum pump
15.Newest double bags dust collection system with CE certificate
16.Manual lubrication System
17.400mm diameter*3000mm length rotary
18.Mist spray cooling system
19.Artcam 2012 software for free;
20.Tool sensor calibration


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