ELECNC-1530 Carousel ATC CNC Router with Rotary Device

Product description

    1. With HSD Air Cooling Spindle, and it can swing 180 degrees, which is different from 3 Axis CNC Machines. And the speed of spindle can be reached to 24000RPM for per minutes.
   2.  Compared with 1530-4A Woodworking CNC Router Machine, this kind of machine was designed with rotary device.The diameter and length of rotary device can be made according to your requirements.
   3.  Besides, the rotary device can be removed and put to your desired location. It can also be disassembled during transportation.
    4. Equipped with 8 slots Carousel type tool magazine. Different knives can be installed in tool holder.
   5.  Compared with Multi-head cnc router, ATC CNC Routers can change more than 8 sets of tools automatically in the engraving process.
   6.  Distinguished with 4*8 ATC CNC Router Machine, the working size and processing area are larger. In that case, the working efficiency can be greatly promoted.
   7.  Meanwhile, 2070 Carousel ATC CNC Router Machine has some similarities with this kind of machine.
    8. This kind of machine is suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables, chairs and some others.
   9.  Please notice that all the specifications and working size can be designed with your requirements.

Technical Details

  • Model: ELECNC-1530ATC-4
  • Working Area: 1500*3000*600mm
  • Tool Magazine: 8 Tools Carousel Magazines
  • Working Voltage: 380V,3Phase,50Hz( Option)
  • Control System: Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB Control System
  • Spindle: 9KW HSD Air Cooling Spindle
  • Spindle Speed: 0-24000rpm
  • Inverter : 11KW Taiwan DELTA Inverter
  • Motor & Driver : 850W Japan YASKAWA servo motor and 1KW servo driver,Japan SHIMPO Reducer
  • Table Surface: T-slot & Vacuum Table
  • Lubrication System: Auto Lubrication System
  • Gantry Structure: Gantry Moving
  • Spray/ Flume : Automatic Oil Mist Cooling
  • Frame: New Type Heavy Duty Body
  • X,Y,Z Transmission: Helical rack on X,Y axis and Taiwan TBI Ball Screw on Z axis
  • X,Y,Z Rail : Taiwan ABBA/ PMI/ HIWIN Square Guide,#25
  • Vacuum Pump: 7.5KW Water Circulation Vacuum Pump
  • Dust Collection System : 1.5KW New Type Double Bag Dust Collection System
  • Tool Sensor : Auto Tool Sensor Calibration
  • Rotary device: Parallel Rotary Device with FL118 Stepper Motor and YAKO 2811 Gig Driver
  • Wire : High Soft Shjeld with Copper Wire to Protect Against Static Electricity
Applications of engraving machine:
1.Wood-working industry: Ideally suitable for furniture decoration,musical instruments,wooden crafts,solid wood furniture,MDF paint-free door,wood composite door,cabinet,kitchen doors,windows,night table,etc.
2. Decoration industry: Art model,Wall Art,screen felief engraving and cutting,decoration processing,gifts wrapping,waved plate,electrical cabinets panels,sports equipment,and other wooden industrial products.
3. Advertisement: Acrylic,double color plate,PVC,ABS board,aluminum plate,density board,artificial stone,organic glass,soft metals like aluminum and copper,cut matrix,character,signs,trademar.


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