ELECNC-1530 4D EPS Foam ATC CNC Engraving Machine for Wooden Aircraft Models

Product description

1. Improving working efficiency: Like ATC CNC Machine, this type of machine was designed with linear tool change magazine. Various of tools can be changed automatically in the engraving process, which means time saving.
2. Multi-function: With a true four-axis (4 Axis CNC Machine), and the machine’s spindle can swing 180 degree to do three-dimensional processing, which is distinct from 1325 3D Foam Toys Engraving Machine.
3. Wide applications: EPS Styrofoam CNC Machines has been widely applied for processing EPS, casting wood mold, automobile interior decoration, engineering plastics and other non-metal material mold.
4. Realizing customized services: The Z axis can be heighten, and the whole working size also can be customized. Taking ELECNC-3050 EPS Styrofoam CNC Router for instance.

Technical Details

  • Model: ELECNC-1530ATC-4 EPS
  • X,Y,Z Working Area: 1500x3000x1100mm
  • Control system: Taiwan SYNTEC control system
  • Working Voltage: 380V, 3phase, 50Hz (Option)
  • Spindle: 9kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle
  • Inverter: 11kw Taiwan DELTA inverter
  • Motor and driver: 850W YASKAWA servo motor and 1kw  YASKAWA driver, SHIMPO reducer
  • Gantry Structure: Gantry moving
  • Table Surface: T-slot working Table
  • Table structure: EPS structure
  • X, Y, Z Transmission: Helical rack on X, Y axis and Taiwan TBI ball screw on Z axis
  • X,Y, Z Rail: Taiwan ABBA #30 linear guide
  • Lubrication system: Automatic lubrication system
  • Tool Sensor: Auto tool sensor calibration
  • Dust collection system: 1.5kw new type double bag dust collection system
  • Wire: High soft shield with copper wire to protect against static electricity


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