Crane location Tracking Level 2 System of SEAH Solution Automation Co.,Ltd.


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Technical Details

Main function
  • Yard map management for storage location management of physical distribution management target product 
  • Order their workers Scheduling
  • Process line supply and quarter
  • Physical distribution equipment Tracking and interference control
  • Plant state administration and work results administration ( Linear Robot, Shuttle Robot, Walking Beam etc,)
  • Connections mourning/subsystem interface
  • Transfer plant position Tracking
  • Cars government organization system 
  • Jib Crane job management

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Description of the Product

System that manages, and controls physical distribution of material/product through order their workers bias of crane and physical distribution equipment and plant monitoring and manages present lashing point of material/product and position transfer hysteresis managing location information of site/product piling-up position (Yard and High Bay) systematically