2_Explosion Proof Electrostatic Transmitter l Measuring the static electricity equipment of ESGK Co.,Ltd


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Description of the Product

This product is designed to measure high voltage static electricity from all sites dealing with flammable materials, 
such as petrochemical, oil refineries, and chemical plants.
ESGK can periodically check static data with an explosion-proof fixed static meter. 

1. Measuring the static electricity generated during the process.
2. Explosion proof Ex d IIC T6, 4~20mA, 2wire
3. Application: Reactor, Packer, Bag Filter
4. Local Digital Display, Silo, Truck Loading
5. Calibration range : 0 ~ 10,000VDC, Report can be issued
6. It Can be designed and made for each process condition

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1. Transmitter
Housing Material : Aluminum Alloy
Max Voltage Range : -20kv ~ +20kv
Construction Type : Flange, Pipe Thread
Power Supply : 24VDC (Loop Power, 2 wire)
Enclosure Class : Ex d II C T6
Electrical Connection : 1/2" NPT
Display : Digital, -20000 ~ 20000 volts

2. Electrode Cell
Voltage Range : Max. -20kV ~ +20kV

3. Probe Parts
Probe Body : SUS 316, 34.9∅ x 228 mm
Flange : 1-1/2" ANSI 300# RF
Electrode : SUS 316, 13∅ x 12mm

4. Standard : 3.3Kg, 400x300