1)OIL-Less Rocking Piston Pumps,OIL-Less Diaphragm VACUUM Pumps l Plasma Sterilizer of G&M Tech Inc.


Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

'- Stable performance in long time, outstanding durability due to patented Valve structure
- Very long lie time by improved Piston Seal
- Compact and light weight design
- Strong competitive power based on very well organized R&D & minimized machine processing 
- Achieving 7 bar with very small size of Air compressor based on patented Valve structure

Description of the Product

'- Since our products(OIL-Less Vacuum pumps & Air compressor) is not using any lubricant(oil) makes no OIL-mist while running, so our products have been widely used in many application of Medical & Dental equipment which requires clean Vacuum and compressed air.
- Actual application in detail Medical Suction unit, Steam, Gas, Plasma Sterilizer, Oxygen concentrator, Aesthetic machine Dental Air compressor, Vacuum pump for porcelain furnace, Vacuum massager, Skin peeling.