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The Rising Rural Market of India: Facing Challenges in Growth

Rising Rural India

The rural market of India is one of the foremost key triggers of the nation’s economic growth. As the famous quote asserts- ‘Rural India is the Real India’. Indian Rural Market has witnessed a robust development in infrastructure, logistics &… Read More

Top 5 Highly in-demand Industrial Sectors of India

Industrial Sector of India

The faster growth of India’s economy in recent times have attracted global markets. The recent progress in overall economic sectors indicates that India is moving with a sustainable growth trajectory. Major reforms, significant initiatives by the government and the emergence… Read More

Make In India – Be the Part of World’s Fastest Growing Manufacturing Sector

Make In India

Manufacturing sector is one of the highest growing sectors in Indian economy. India accounts for around 1.8 percent of global manufacturing output. Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi had launched an exclusive program called as ‘Make In India’ to… Read More

6 Unusual Products That India Exports To Other Countries


India has largely diversified its economy from foreign trade and exchange. The higher growth trajectory of India has enabled the manufacturers to produce a wide range of products and commodities that are in international demand. From petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals, the… Read More