How can you maximize your prospecting efforts?

Effective prospecting remains a key aspect of developing your business. To make it happen, you need reliable marketing strategies and a strong sales force to follow through.

The keys to succeed in prospecting

You must :

  • use  a prospect database
  • implement a strategy
  • keep up the relationship with new customers

The prospect database

This database provides a file containing precise informations.

About the companies, this file lists two types of information :

  • structural (business sector, localization, size, turnover…)
  • individual (name of managers, postal address, emails…)

To draw up a strategy, you need first of all to define the prospecting territory. In order to do so, you must resort to two types of analyses :

  • take heed of your offer and your sales force
  • examine the competition and your target audience

Then you’ll clearly know where and how to prospect.

The implementation of a strategy

This strategy aims to turn prospects into clients. Several techniques serve it, such a sales force or a website. But what matters first and foremost is to know how to implement it :

  1. define the prospection area
  2. retrieve prospecting datas
  3. divide up the tasks
  4. brief the salesmen
  5. centralize and archive the prospecting actions
  6. evaluate the performances

The customer relationship management

Once a prospect has become a client, you have to keep up your relationship with him and still pay attention to his needs in order to build his loyalty. Therefore, he’ll be prone to recommend you to his associates.



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