Techno Color Corporation

Pitruchhaya, Sanghvi Corporate Park
Off. Govandi Station Road, Govandi (E)
Mumbai 400088

Company Summary

Techno Color Corporation (TCC) - Specialized in manufacturing various Acid Dyes and Dyestuffs of superior quality.
We are the sterling and Experienced Manufacturer & Leading Exporter of High Quality Acid Dye & Dyestuff Across the Globe , Specially to Europe , America & Southern Asia. Serving to Textile & Leather Industry with the supply of high quality Dyestuffs and Auxiliaries since 1992.
TCC, best Indian Acid Dyes Manufacturer. One of the Leading Exporter of High Quality Acid Dye from India.
Products Range : Acid Dyes, Textile Dyes, Acid Milling Dyes, Acid Mordant Dyes, Salt Free Dyes : Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes , Direct Dyes For Textile & Leather , Paper Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Leather Dyes, Non-Benzidine Direct Dyes, Wood Stain Dyes.
Products list according to Colours : Yellow, Violet , Red, Orange , Green , Brown , Blue , Black.
Our Acid dyes have established their niche on the platforms of utility and cost effectiveness.
The company undertakes stringent quality control measures ensuring supreme quality Acid dye.
Since Founded, TCC has been developing and attained a high standard in wide range of dyestuffs taking advantage of new technology. TCC has been continuously absorbing and adapting technique from both home and overseas. Besides the never-ending process in new development, the priority has been always the product quality.
Technological development and an increasingly demanding market led TCC to upgrade and enlarge its manufacturing facilities. Presently the company has a modern plant, Lab, Administrative office and warehouse all furnished with state-of-the art equipment.
At TCC, We have always focused particular attention to meeting our customer's needs, by controlling the purchasing and production processes and assuring continued adherence to safety standards and environmental protection rules.

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  • State Bank of India State Bank of India


  • Chemexcil
  • Indian Merchants' Chamber
  • Dyestuff Manufacturers Association
  • The Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturer's Association
  • Indo German Chamber of Commerce


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    ISO 9001 : 2008

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    35 Employees


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  • Mr. Atul V. Sanghavi

    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr. Rajen T. Shah

    Director & Chief Operative Officer