Spectrochem Instruments Private Limited

B-23 Huda Complex
Hyderabad 500035


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Company information Spectrochem Instruments Private Limited


Design, Development, Manufacture & Consultants
Training in Analytical instrumental techniques & Embedded Systems
Product Details:
1.Analytical Instrumentation
a) VGA for AAS
b) Nebulizers! For ASS & ICP.
c) Black-box (micro controller based update electronics} for AAS
d) Auto gas box for AAS
e) Handheld pH & DO meters
F ph & DO meters & controllers
g) Single element spectrophotometers
2. Biotechnology Instrumentation a) Bioreactors & Fermentors
b) ELISA Washers & Readers
c) Peristaltic Pumps
d) Gas analyzers
3. Environmental engineering & instrumentation
a) As DETECT Arsenic detector for drinking water
b) Flori-DETECT Fluorine detector for drinking water
c) Single analyze meters & water quality kits
d) Web enabled on-line ambient air quality monitoring systems
e) Web enabled real-time automatic weather stations
4.Embedded system trainer kits
a) Universal embedded system trainer kits
b) Data acquisition boards for embedded applications
c) Flash programmers. lor ATMEL 89cXX, 89CXXXX, PIC S AVR Micro Controllers
d) Up gradation of Instruments Micro Controllers Based. Experiment boards for 8051, AVR, PIC, TI MSP430
a) Robotic platforms
b) Robotic grippers & arms
c) Robotics CPU boards
d) Motor controllers
e) Sensors & interlace Other locations:

General Information

Year established 1996
Type of company Head Office
Fax +91 40 24053342
Website http://www.spectrochemindia.com http://www.enggstudentprojects.com


  • Bank of India


Area : North America, West. Europe, Asia-Pacific
Country : United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan


Area : North America
Country : United States

Key figures Spectrochem Instruments Private Limited



  • 2003

    5 to 10 million INR

Executives Spectrochem Instruments Private Limited

Executive information

Dr. T. Hanumantha Rao


Activities Spectrochem Instruments Private Limited


  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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