S V Polypacks

Hill Street, Ranigunj
Secunderabad 500003


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Company information S V Polypacks


Importers and Distributors of Industrial Tapes.
Product Details: Self Fusing / Vulcanizing Silicone Tape, Anti - Corrosive Pipe Wrap Tape, Polyester 1 Mil Splicing Tape, Self Fusing / Vulcanizing Silicone Tape, Anti - Corrosive Pipe Wrap Tape, PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (Miracle), Self Amalgamation Tape - 46 Kv Insulation, Bag Sealing Tape (Seal King), Rayon Tape (Pink). High Silica Glass Cloth - For Insulation Up To 1400 Degrees, Belting Tape, Rubber Coated Cotton Tape, Floor Marking Tape, Bopp Self Adhesive Tape, Seam Sealing Tape, Hazard Marking Tape, Black Cotton / Friction Tape, Surface Protection Tape, Water Activated Paper Reinforcement Tape, Black / White Waterproof Tape, Semi Conducting Carbon Tape, Ducting Tape, Circuit Board Tape, Semi Conducting Graphite Tape, Photo Splicing Tape, Kraft Paper Tape, Siliconized Single / Double Side Polyester Tape, Tear Strip Tape, Double Side Foam Tape - White / Black, Flexible Graphite Tape With Self Adhesive, Weather Proof Strip Made of Bituminous Compound And Aluminum Flash Strip With Release Liner & Self Adhesive , Eyelet Tape, Glass Mica Tape, Veneer Tape - Dry Core, Green - Filament Tape(Heavy Duty), Uniform Mica Tape, Currency Banding Tape, Dry Wall Joint Tape(Fiber Glass Mesh Tape), Poly Mica Tape, Easy Tear Pvc Cloth Tape, Hdpe Woven Sack Tape, Pgmp Tape, Gmg Tape, Heat Sealing Tape (PVC), Conniflex Tape, Nomex Tape - 2mil, 3mil - Kapton Adhesive Tape, Masking Crape Paper Tape - Abro Tape, Transparent Teflon Film Tape(Silicone Adhesive), Nylon Adhesive Tape, Anti-Static Tape, Non Water Proof Cloth Adhesive Tape, PTFE Tape
Manufacturers of Seam Sealing Tape, Thou guard Tape for 2000 Degree'C Insulation, Plasma Spray Masking Tape, Dicing Tape, Nitto 923S, D/S Acrylic Foam Tapes (UHB Tapes), Dry wall joint Tapes, Fibre Glass mesh tape, Coal tar with Aluminium Foil lamination Tape, Textile fusing Tape, Hot Fix Tape for Rhinestone, Applique Fusing Tape, Zip Water Proofing Tape.Hotmeet Adhesive Film, Melt Bonding, Film,
Pu Melt Adhesive Film & Self Adhesive Butyl Sealant Tapes.
Adhesive Tape

General Information

Year established 1987
Legal form Private Limited Company
Type of company Head Office
Fax +91 40 27713296
Website http://www.svpolypacks.com


  • Central Bank, ICICI


Area : Asia-Pacific
Country : South Korea, Taiwan

Key figures S V Polypacks


  • Company

    20-49 Employees

Executives S V Polypacks

Executive information

Mr. Vivek Maheshwari

Chief Executive Officer & Marketing Director

Activities S V Polypacks


  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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