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""OVAL" PLASTIC" Limited Liability Company (LLC)

1st St., 1/8 Building
0081 Yerevan Yerevan

Company information ""OVAL" PLASTIC" Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Manufacture of disposable plastic containers and printing
Bags: Polyethylene (manufacturing) (selling)
Bags: Polyethylene, with Self-Adhesive Tape (manufacturing) (selling)
Bottle Crates: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Bottle Stoppers: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Bottles: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Bottles: Plastic, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET Bottles), of Various Capacity (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes: Plastic, for Cakes (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes for Dairy Products: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes for Farm Products: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes for Food Products: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes for Fruits and Vegetables: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Boxes for Half-Litre Jars: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers: Disposable (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers: Foam (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers: Plastic, Printed (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers for Dairy Products: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers for Dried Fruits: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers for Pastes and Powders: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Containers for Seedlings (manufacturing) (selling)
Cups: Disposable, Paper (manufacturing) (selling)
Cups: Disposable, Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Cups for Cold Beverages: Paper (manufacturing) (selling)
Cups for Hot Drinks: Paper (manufacturing) (selling)
Cutlery (Forks, Knives, Spoons): Disposable (manufacturing) (selling)
Drinking Straws for Cocktails and Juices (manufacturing) (selling)
Egg Boxes: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Film: Air Bubble (manufacturing) (selling)
Film: Packaging, Self-Adhesive (manufacturing) (selling)
Fish Containers (manufacturing) (selling)
Food Containers: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Liquid Containers: Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Packaging Supplies: Plastic, Polyethylene (manufacturing) (selling)
Packaging Supplies: Transparent Film, for Various Goods (manufacturing) (selling)
Plates (Dishware): Disposable, Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Preforms for PET Plastic Bottles (manufacturing) (selling)
Sheets: Plastic, Polypropylene (PPR), Gauged (manufacturing) (selling)
Sheets: Plastic, Polystyrene, Gauged (manufacturing) (selling)
Tableware: Disposable, Plastic (manufacturing) (selling)
Tableware: Disposable, Plastic, Printed (manufacturing) (selling)
Veneer Containers for Live Crawfish (manufacturing) (selling)
Printing on Foil
Promotional Paper Cup Making
Foil Cutting
Disposable Packaging Services: Coffee
Disposable Packaging Services: Granulated Sugar
Disposable Packaging Services: Jams
Disposable Packaging Services: Ketchups
Disposable Packaging Services: Pepper
Disposable Packaging Services: Salt
Disposable Packaging Services: Spices, Condiments
Packaging Services: Cups, Spoons, Forks
Packaging Services: Disposable Accessories and Consumables for Hotels, Restaurants
Packaging Services: Disposable Accessories for Fast Food
Packaging Services: Disposable Accessories for Sushi
Packaging Services: Disposable Tableware
Packaging Services: Food Products
Packaging Services: Single-Portion Food

General Information

Year established 1995
Legal form Limited Liability Company
Fax +374 10 746001
Website http://www.ovalplast.am http://www.bajak.am http://www.ovalplast.com

Key figures ""OVAL" PLASTIC" Limited Liability Company (LLC)


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    50-99 Employees

Executives ""OVAL" PLASTIC" Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Executive information

Varuzhan G. Khalatyan

(Founder and Director)

Activities ""OVAL" PLASTIC" Limited Liability Company (LLC)


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