p tools sells S&T highpressure powerpacks

By: Serman & Tipsmark A/S

p tools sells S&T highpressure powerpacks
p tools sells S&T highpressure powerpacks
To us, it is a virtue that our customers get the best solutions – whether it’s service or products and regardless if it comes directly from us or one of our suppliers. Regardless the situation, we always work in a solution-oriented manner. That is also one of the reasons that we collaborate with ep tools.

Ep tools is a Danish company that – among other things – produces custom-built generators, light towers, lifting equipment and torque tools for the off-shore marine-, steel- and machinery and plant industries. On the market, it is also known for delivering complete solutions for e.g. the wind industry. And last but not least, it sells the S&T highpressure powerpack products in Denmark. ‘ S&T highpressure powerpacks’ is what we, at Serman & Tipsmark, used to call highpressure powerpacks.

At Serman & Tipsmark, we are working on streamlining our product line to ensure that we deliver the best quality in highpressure pumps on a global scale. Furthermore, we are working on developing our global supplier network and by doing so, reaching even more customers through skilled suppliers. It is due to the more global focus that we are changing the product name on our highpressure powerpacks and calling it S&T highpressure powerpacks instead.
We know that the transition from direct sales to distributor sales can be a mouthful to handle. But we believe that when we let specialists – who are in daily contact with the customers – handle the sales work, it will result in optimal feedback and thus we can continually improve our business and supply the best products available.
For inquiries in Denmark please contact:
ep tools A/S
Contact person:
Henrik Madsen
+45 40355685
As always, you are very welcome to contact us for more information.