Micro Machinery Company Private Limited (MIMCO)

Near Police Station
Lake Road, Bhandup (W)
Mumbai 400078


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Company information Micro Machinery Company Private Limited (MIMCO)


Manufacturer and Exporter of Heavy Duty High Speed Paper Corrugator with Self Loading reel Stand ,Oblique Type High Speed Paper Corrugator with Self loading Reel Stand,Oblique Type Paper Corrugator With Self Loading Reel Stand ,Economical Paper Corrugator with Manual Lifting Reel Stand,Rotary Sheet Cutter,Board Cutter,Sheet Pasting (Glueing) Machine,Sheet Pressing Machine ,4 Bar Rotary Creasing & Cutting Machine,Eccentric Slotter,Combined Rotary Creaser & Slotter,Partition Slotter,Platen Punching Machine ,One / Two Colour Board Printer & Creaser ,One / Two Colour Printer Slotter ,Box Stitching Machine,Combined Paper Corrugator Attached Rotary Sheet Cutter with Overhead Bridge,Rotary Die Cutter and 3/5 Ply Corrugated Board Plant.

General Information

Year established 1970
Type of company Head Office
Fax +91 22 25621915
Website http://www.micromachinery.com


Area : Central Asia, West. Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central/East Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America
Country : Bangladesh, Germany, Egypt, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Central African Republic, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Oman, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Malawi, Bhutan, Australia, Nigeria, United States, South Africa

Key figures Micro Machinery Company Private Limited (MIMCO)


Executives Micro Machinery Company Private Limited (MIMCO)

Executive information

Mr. Tirlok Singh Bhurjee


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