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DSI Freezing & Handling

A/S Dybvad Stål Industri

Parkvej 5
9352 Dybvad

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8:00 AM — 4:00 PM
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DSI (Dybvad Stål-Industri)
is a leading company involved in designing
and manufacturing manually-operated
and automatic plate freezers.
Vertical and horizontal plate freezers
Freezing trays for horizontal plate freezers

In Denmark DSI manufactures many different types
of manual horizontal and vertical plate freezers
which are suitable for use in onshore and marine installations.
We optimise the operating performance, reliability and overall economy
of our freezers on an ongoing basis with one clear aim in mind
- to ensure that our plate freezers always live up to the changing needs
of our customers. In order to provide our customers with the best possible
equipment we constantly focus on:
-Understanding our customers requirements
-Official standards and norms
-New technological possibilities
Automatic plate freezers
Block freezing
Bulk freezing
Fish freezing
Fish storage
Fishing vessel food storage
Food freezingrapid food freezing
Rapid freezing fruit
Rapid freezing meat
Rapid freezing poultry
Rapid freezing vegetables
Shellfish freezing
Horizontal plate freezer
Horizontal plate freezers
Horizontal plate freezing
Horizotal plate refrigerator
Industrial freezing
Auto,matic plate freezer
Automatic plate freezers
Automatic plate freezing
Design plate freezer
Design plate freezers
Design plate freezing
Manually-operated plate freezer
Manually-operated plate freezers
Manufacturer plate freezer
Manufacturer plate freezers
Manufacturing plate freezer
Manufacturing plate freezers
Plate freezer Complete Compressor
Plate freezer
Plate freezers
Plate freezing
Self-contained plate freezer
Self-contained plate freezers
Self-contained plate freezing
Vertical plate freezer
Vertical plate freezers
Vertical plate freezing
Vertical plate refrigerator
Vertical plate refrigerators

General Information

Year established 1969
Corporate capital 500,000 DKK
Type of company Head Office
VAT DK10701732
Fax +45 98 86 46 60
Website http://www.dsifreezing.com


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Area : Worldwide

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    121 Employees

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Executive information

Ib Sand Nykjær

Manager (Direktion)

Tomas Håkan Therén

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Oskar Emanuel Lindholm

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Lasse Viegand Hansen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Klaus Beyer Nielsen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Niels Lykke Graugaard

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Peter Nygaard Christensen

Export Director/Manager (Sales Manager)

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen

Export Director/Manager (Sales Manager)

Peter Laursen

Export Director/Manager (Sales Manager, Handling)

Henriette Sabine Thorup

Marketing Director/Manager (Marketing Manager)

Peter Andersen

Production Director/Manager (Production Manager)

John Møller Jensen

Production Director/Manager (After Sale and Service Manager)

Marianne Krautwald

HR Director/Manager (HR Manager)

Thomas Møller

Quality Control Director/Manager (Technical Manager)

Thomas Jørgensen

Agency Director/Manager (Sales Manager, Handling)

Jesper Finnemann

Departmental Director/Manager (Manager)

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