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Uviraj Global Private Limited

Manufacturers and Exporters of Fall Protection Equipment which includes Work Positioning Belts, Full Body Harness, Connectors, Hooks & Karabiners, Webbing Lanyards, Rope Lanyards, Energy Absorbers, Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyards, Energy Absorbing Rope Lanyards, Forked Lanyards with Energy Absorbers, Expandable Lanyards, Work Positioning Lanyards, Braided Rope Lanyards, Anchorage Line, Rope Grab Fall Arresters, Safety Nets, Extension Attachments, Horizontal Lifeline and Others. Narrow Woven Fabrics that include Cotton / Synthetic Tapes & Webbings, Heavy Duty Elastic Tapes, Tapes & Webbings for Equestrian Products, Webbings for Army Waist Belts, Nylon Tapes / Webbings for Parachute, Binding Tapes, Heavy Duty Webbings for Cargo Lifting Slings, Reinforcement / Top Line Tapes, Elastic Tapes, Narrow Woven (Jacquard Design) Tapes & Webbings, Webbings for Industrial Safety Belts & Body Harnesses, Tapes & Webbings for Fashion Waist Belts & Garments and Nylon Impression Tapes for Hose Pipes. Braided Cords/Ropes that include Cotton / Synthetic Cords for Leads, Sash/Solid Braided Cords, Cord Elastics, Shoe laces in running length, Mountaineering/Climbing Ropes, Nylon Cords for Parachute, Cord Avalanche and Bungee Elastic Cords for Bungee Jumping. Load Restraint Systems which include Polyester Web Slings, Flat Web Slings, Multi Leg Slings, Wear Protection, Bag Slings, Tow Straps, Ropes, Ratchet Lashings, Ratchet Endless Lashings and Metal Fittings.

Supplier of:

  • Twine
  • Twine, man-made fibre
  • Twine and cords for electric cables...
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