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Wooden products for industrial use
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Pravat Timbers

Customized Manufacturers and Exporters of Wooden Gift Articles exclusive Wooden Gift Boxes, Exclusive Wooden Laser Cut Designer Boxes, Wooden Tea Gift Boxes, Wooden Spuce Gift Boxes, Wooden Jewellery Boxes, Wooden Jewellery Stacking Trays, Wooden Digital Printed Gift Boxes, Wooden Sweet Boxes, Wooden Dry-Fruit Gift Boxes, Wooden Corporate Gifts, Wooden Lifestyle Products, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Kitchen Accessories, Wooden Smoking Accessories, Wooden Educational Toys, String Musical Accessories, Violin Accessories, Viola Accessories, Guitar Accessories, Mandolin Accessories, Brass Accessories, Double Brass Accessories, Finger Board, Fret Board, Guitar Bridges, Guitar Bridge Pins, Pegs, Chin Rests, End Pins, Guitar Picks - Plastic, Wooden Guitar Picks, Rest Stopper, Mute, NUT-SADDLE, Bow Frock, Tail Pieces, Peg Bushings, Baton Handle, Bato Box, Guitar Cases, Mandolin Cases, Violin Cases, Viola Cases, Wooden Frog, Jal-Tarang, Percussion Musical Instrument, Kokiriko, Agogo Bell, Bongo, Congo, Conga, Wood Blocks, Wooden Whistle, Wooden Claves, Cabasa, Egg Shakers, Wooden Shakers, Hollow Claves, Finger Castanet, Hand Castanets, Tambourine, Saxophones, Harmonium, Wooden Display Trays, Wooden Serving Trays, Wooden Serving Trollies, Wooden Counter Displayes, Wooden Ready Kiosks, Wooden Spoons, Wooden Forks, Wooden Bowls, Wooden Dinning Matts, Wooden Coasters, Wooden Kitchen Accessories, Wooden Laptop Stands, Laptop Working Tables, 24 Carat Gold Plated Metal Logos, 99.9 Purity Silver Plated Metal Logo, Wooden Customized Designer Gift Items.

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Packagings, wooden, storage and transportation
  • Cases and boxes, wooden, fitted, decorative and for display...

Western Tin Roll Manufacturing Works

Manufacturer and Supplier for Spinning Machinery Spares, Stainless Steel/Galvanized Ducts by Pass, 2 way by Pass Bend, Mouth Pieces and Reducer for Blow Room to Carding Machine, H Plant Ducts as Well as any Type of Fabrication Works, all Type of Plains as Well as Spiked Lattices as Wells Belts, Krishnah Beater as Well as Roving Waste Opener Beater Legs Mad E from Laminated Compress Wood, Wooden Top & Bottom Clearer Rolls for Ring Frame Simplex, Cylinder and Licker in under Casing for Carding M/C., Carding Plates(Top, Bottom & Back Sheet) for all type of Carding Machine, Bare Licker in Roll for All Type of Car dig Machine, Bare Flats for Carding Machine, Feed Plates for all types of Carding Machine, Top Roller with Needle Bearing end Bush and Calender Roll for all Type of Draw Frame, Web Catcher for Comber Machine, Drum Shaft for Ring Frame and Doubling machine with Tolerance +/- 0.002 Aluminum Anodize Pneumatic Pipes, its Ducts and Light Weight Pneumatic Fan, all type of Conversion on Ring Frame as Per Client Requirement, Conversion from Ring Frame to Doubling, Brass , S.S Or Hard Chrome Plated Top and Bottom Roller for Doubling Machine, Re- Conditioning as Well as New Traverses Drums for Winding Machine Made from Bakelite as Well as Steel Clad ed Drums for all type of Winding Machine, Belt Guide Roller for Tao Machine, Spares for Cristal Card on Catalog Basis, Spares for Traducers Blow Room as Wells DJ 740-780 Card on Catalog Basis Chuck for Sizing Beam Flat Type & Grooves Pulley A, B, C, D, E Sp & PX Section Solid/Split With Tapper Lock (Finner Type Or M S Flange type Tapper Lock & Marketing of Yarns.

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Decorative articles, for gardens, wooden
  • Decorative lattice-work, wooden...
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