Vegetable Harvesting Machine Companies in India

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Convert Technology

Service Providers In The Field Of Technology, Agri-Biotech, IT & Telecom, BPO And Infrastructure. Automation Croup-Developers Of Proprietary Architecture Solutions For Residential & Commercial Establishment Based On Power Line Communications.Co-Design Solution Group-Approaches In Hardware And Software Co-Design, Co-Implementation And Co-Verification. Industry Focused Group - Car Navigation And Guidance Systems, To Modeling And Simulation Of The Mechanical, Electrical And Electronics Of The Vehicle For Validation And Reliability Testing. Embedded Connectivity Center - The Interfacing Of Different Devices Or Components Using Wireless, Wired And Different Buses, And Designing Internet-Enabled Home Appliances. Manufacturing And Automation Center-The Key Technologies Applied Are Drivers for PLC's And Process Control Equipment. Agri Bio-Tech: Manufacturer of Agricultural Equipment, Measurement And Control, Electronic Products Along With Technology And IC Embedded Devices To Give Ultra Designed Gadgets. Agricultural Products : shellers, decorticators, seed cleaners, oil extractors etc. Cell towers Infrastructure implementation, GSM & CDMA Networks. Optical Fiber Networks, Implementation of MPLS VPN projects. Intelligent Networks (IN). Technology Infrastructure-products and solutions for Mobile Communication Devices, CCTV Security Systems, Surveillance System, End User Support Services, Operating Systems and Database Services, Software and Applications Services, Telephony and Administrative Services Network integration.

  • Security equipment
  • Access control, security and surveillance systems
  • Security and surveillance systems, electric...

Fowler Westrup (India) Private Limited

Fowler Westrup process machinery is ideally suited for the processing, handling & storage of seeds, seed spices, grains, tea, coffee, pulses, basmati & non-basmati paddy & rice. The company also provides turn-key solutions to all processing needs. Manufacturer, Exporters of Complete Integrated Solutions for the Food Processing Industry Providing Post Harvest Processing Machines, Silo Storage Systems, Rice Milling Machineries, Colour Sorters, Material Handling Equipment & Transformer Oil Filtrations-Regenration Systems to Power Industry. Design, Manufacture of Complete Galvanized Silo Storage Systems for Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Cereals, Seed Spices etc. Rice Milling Machines (End-to-End)- paddy to Brown Rice to White Rice. Electronic Colour Sorting Machines for all kinds of Grains, Pulses, Dals, Flakes etc. NIRMAL Oil Filtration & Regenration System. Agriculture Process Machines:Post Harvesting Machines-Modular Cleaners, Pre Cleaners, Fine Cleaner, Gravity Separators, Destoner, Indented Cylinders, LAB Machines, Cyclones. Material Handling Equipment:Bucket Elevators, Chain Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor-BT. Galvanized Silo Storage System-Galvanized Farm Silos, Galvanized Hopper Bottom Silos, Galvanized Flat Bottom Silos. Rice Milling-Destoner CSP502, Paddy Husker YSA100, Paddy Separator SE500, Abrasive Polisher XPA25, Abrasive Polisher XPA25, Friction Polisher XPF 50 and XPF50D, Sifter SF301. Opto Electronic Color Sorter- Rice Sorter, Dal Sorter, Sooji Sorter. Oil filtration and regeneration system- Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, Lube Oil Filtration Machine, Transformer Evacuation System, Oil Storage Tank, Oil Transfer System, Transformer Oil Regeneration System, Lube Oil Regeneration System, Regeneration Cycle. Associated Companies: John Fowler (India) Pvt Ltd

  • Metal constructions for the building industry
  • Prefabricated metal buildings
  • Silos, metal...

Harshad Food Equipments

Harshad Food Equipments Is Manufacturer & Supplier Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment - Bottle Pasturizer, Fruit Mill, Fruit Vegetable Washer, Head Bottle Filling, Inspection-Belt-Conveyor, Peeler, Planetary Mixing Pan, Pulveriser, Steam Cooking Kettle. Mango Pulps Processing Line - Blending Tanks, Bucket Elevator, Cages, Destoner, Filling Machine, Fruit Washer, Mango or Pulp Processing Line, Pulper Finisher, Pulp Collection Tank, Tier Marigo Round Belt Conveyor, Tube Pasturiser, Wastage Silo. Green Peas Processing Line - Dewatering Vibrator, Drum Type Blancher, Drum Type Cooler, Feeding Elevator, Flot Washer, Recovery Drum, Pea Podder, Two Stage Grader, Wastage Silo, Wastage Feeding Elevated Belt. Jam & Squash Equipments - Blending Tank Inner, Bottle Dryer, Bottle Filling Machine, Cooling Tunnel, Filter Press, Insulated Tank, Jam Squash Line, Pouch Filling Machine, Syrup Storage Tank, Syrup Tank, Ventury Type Sugar Feeding System. RTE & RTS Equipments - Dicer, Modular Flot Washer, Peeler, Planetary Mixing Pan, Pulveriser, Socking Trolley, Vegetable Rotary Washer. Pickle Line Equipments - Belt-Conveyor, Cube Cutter, Drum Tilter, Fruit Washer, Half Cutting Machine, Horizontal Deseeder, Rotary Grader. Spices - Inspection Belt Conveyoe, Spice Feeding Screw, Spice Filling Machine, Steam Cooking Kettle. Amla Processing Equipments - Pulper Finisher, Pulveriser. Dairy Products Processing Line - Homogenizer, Milk Cooling Tank, Milk Pasteuriser, Milk Storage Tank. Ginger Processing Line - Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine, Ginger Processing, Washer, Ginger Paste Processing, Ginger Powder Processing, Ginger Slices Flakes Machine. Tooty-fruity Processing Line - 2 Tier Inspection Belt Conveyor, 3 Tier Inspection Belt Conveyor, Conveyor With Magnet Trap, Cooling Blender, Cube Transfer Elevator, Debrining System, Deseeding Machine, Dicer, Drainer, Final Inspection Belt Conveyor, Four Cut, Screw Elevator, Shekar, Unloading Silo. Bakery & Confectionary Line - Ball Mil Agitator, Blending Or Mixing Tank, Blending Tank Agitator, Continuous Cooker, Fat & Butter Handling With Pipeline, Freezer Trolley, Glucose Tank, Licithin Mixing Tank, Melter Inside View, Melter, Table, Temperer, Trolley. Frozen Fruits & Vegetables - Belt Type Blancher, Dewatering Vibrator, Feeding Elevator, Final Inspection Belt Conveyor, Flot Washing Tank With Vibrator, Processing Line, Sorting Belt Conveyor.

  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Slicers, peelers and corers, metal, kitchenware
  • Kitchen articles and tableware, metal...

Spectrum Industries

Spectrum's Color Sorting Machines Epitomize Efficiency, Elegance & Impeccable Quality. A Renowned Global name to beckon the Food Industry, Spectrum is a Pioneer Manufacturer of Electronic Colour Sorters in India since 1993, an ISO 9001 certified company is also certified for its Design, Manufacture and Supply of Colour Sorters by the British Standard Institute. Its World Class Colour Sorting Machines / Colour Sorting Equipment are deployed for sorting harvested foods such as Rice, Grains, Pulses, Seeds, Coffee Beans, Tea, Peanuts, Peas, Lentils, Sunflower Seeds and other Cereals, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic Flakes, Fruits etc. with utmost accuracy and precision. Spectrum's machines have imprinted their presence in the bulk food processing and other industries with variant models suiting different Capacities. Spectrum's Turnkey Projects include installation of Complete Coffee Processing Plants, Groundnut Processing Plants, Plants for Cleaning, Grading and Sorting a wide variety of food grains with a Gamut of Efficient products such as Pre Cleaners, De-stoners, Gravity Separators, Graders and Electronic Colour Sorting Machines including the vital conveying equipment for processing a large variety of dry granular food products. The Latest entrants to the Arena of Spectrum's Arsenal are the S-4001 PRISMA &the S-4001 MAXIMA Colour Sorting Machinery. SPECTRUM S-4001 PRISMA, is a CCD Camera based Colour sorter incorporating High Resolution 2048 pixel CCD Line Scan Cameras is a Line Scan Camera based Colour Sorter with a scanning speed max. 6000 lines per second and has an automatic calibration after every wiping cycle of the viewing area. The machine with an on line display on a 15" TFT Screen, of both the top and bottom camera views of the product being sorted facilitates monitoring and easy operation of the machine. The machine is equipped with LED Solid State Lighting for high intensity with extremely long life and consistent operation. SPECTRUM S-4001 MAXIMA - is the most advance machine and is a Trichromatic RGB Full Colour CCD Camera version with Quad Lighting. These machines have been incorporated with 5400 x 3 pixel, Tri-linear RGB CCD Cameras and have optional QUAD LED Solid State Lighting for high intensity product illumination as well as background lighting which is stable and has extremely long life. Colour Sorting Machines, Color Sorter, Colour Sorters, Grain Colour Sorting Machines, Rice Sorting Machines, Food Processing Machines, Cleaning Machinery, De-Stoning Machines, Gravity Separator, Vibro Grader, Vibro Cleaner, De-Stoner, Coffee Huller, Coffee Peeler Polisher, Coffee Pocessing Machinery, Grain Screeners, Seed Screeners.

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
  • Air purification equipment
  • Cyclone collectors, air purification...
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