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Dharmi Engineers

Manufacturer Ans Suppliers Of Ball Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Rising Stem Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Wafer Type Center Disc Butterfly Valve, Offset disc Butterfly Valve, Y Type Strainer, Basket Strainer, Conical Strainer, Inline Strianer, Duplex Type Basket Strainer, Check Valve, Non Return Valve, Wafer Swing Check Valve, Forged Steel Valve, High Pressure Valve, Safety Valve, Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Thermal Relief Valve, Spiring Loaded Safety Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve, Globe Control Valve, Pressure Control Valve, Temperature Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, Level Control Valve, Top Bottom Guided Control Valve, Cauge Guided Control Valve, Diaphragm Actuated Control Valve, Diaphragm Operated Control Valve, 3 Way Globe Control Valve, 2 Way Globe Control Valve, Jacketed Ball Valve, Steam Jacketed Ball Valve, Jacketed Globe Valve, Jacketed Gate Valve, Jacketed Swing Check Valve, Jacketed Non Return Valve (NRV), Fire Safe Ball Valves, Fire Safe Design API 607 Ball Valve, 3 Way Ball Valve, Three Way Ball Valves, Duplex Heat Exchanger 3 Way Ball Valve, Lube Oil Cooler 3 Way Ball Valve, Lube Oil Filter 3 Way Ball Valve, Duplex Strainer 3 Way Valve, 4 Way Ball Valve, Four Way Ball Valves, 5 Way Ball Valve, Five Way Ball Valve, Multiport Ball Valve, Diverter Ball Valve, Diverter Valve, Sight Glass, Sight Flow Indicator, Double window type Sight Glass, Double window Sight Flow Indicator, Full View type Sight Glass, Jacketed Sight Glass, Jacketed Sight Flow Indicators, Pneumatic actuator operated Ball Valve, Pneumatic actuator operated Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic actuator operated Globe Valve, Remote operated Ball Valve, Remote actuated wafer type Butterfly Valve, Gear Operated Valves, Electrical actuator operated valves, pneumatic actuator operated valves, Diaphragm Valve, Strainers, High Pressure Ball Valve, High Pressure Check Valve, High Pressure Globe Valve, High Pressure Needle Valve, Forged Steel Ball Valve, Forged Steel Globe Valve, Forged Steel Gate Valve, Forged Steel Check Valves, Shut Off Valve, On-Off Valve, 3 Way Globe Valve, 3 Way Pneumatic operated Globe Valve, Bolted Bonnet Valve, High Performance Valve, Foot Valve, These valves find application in Hydraulic / Agriculture, Chemical / Process Industries, Water Treatment Plants, Sugar & Distillery Plants, Refineries / Petrochemical plants, Pulp & Paper Mills, Power Plants, Steel / Engineering industries, Textile Process, Pharmaceuticals industries and Boiler installations.

Supplier of:

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, by metal type
  • Valves, brass...
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