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SIGT Private Limited

Manufacturer Of Tool & Cutter Grinder, Drill Grinders, Reduction Gearboxes, Internal Grinding Spindles, Precision Machine Components, Worm Grinders & Form Relief Grinders. Attachments Like Sine Bar Spiral Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding etc. Tool & Cutter Accessories: Cylindrical Drin Attachment, Universal Vice, Tap Cone, Radius Grinding Attachment, Web Thinning Attachment, Wheel Angle, Sine Bar ATTC. Special Purpose Machines: High Precision Internal Grinding Machine, High Precision Planetary Grinding Machine, CNC Tube Coiling Machine, Double Chuck Lathe, Drill Sharpening Machine, High Precision Rotary Grinding Machine, Lapping Machine, Swivel Arm Grinding Machine, Arm Valve Rocker Grinding Machine, Tappet Crown Or Doom Grinding Machine (Vertical), Putty Pressing Machine, Portable Milling Machine, Special Purpose Milling Machine. Special Purpose Machine Accessories: Long Reach Indexable Milling Head, Motorized Turning Attachment, Self Centering Vice, Universal Milling Heads, Mandrill Mechanism, Motorized Tool Holder, Motorized Cross Slide Assembly, Open Type Pedestal Rotator, Long Reach Right Angle. Special Purpose Heavy Duty Rotators: Job Rotators 50 Ton, Job Rotators 100 Ton, Rubberised Rollers, Rotator Stand. Special Purpose Equipments and Components: Hydraulic oil Distributor, Lifiting Rod, Manifold Blocks, Pressing tool, Radius Grinder, Revolving Centre, Saw Tooth Cutter, Special work Head, Spool Holding Device, Stator Coil Initial Lead Bending Fixture, Tool Holder, Twisting Tool, Butterfly Shaft, By Pass Valve, Core Building Fixture, Drive Shaft, Gear Case Checking Fixture. Special Purpose Spindles: Heavy Duty Hand Grinding Machine, High Precision Motorised Grinding & Belt Driven Spindles, High Precision Tool Post Grinder, Internal Bore Grinding Spindle- II, Internal Bore Grinding Spindle-I, Motorised Grinding Spindle With Drive Unit, Motorised Grinding Spindles, Tool Post grinder Two End Grinding Whee Mounting Facility. Special Purpose Fixtures Railways: Under Frame Body Fixture, Equalizer Beam, Compensating Beam, Solid Rolled Wheel, Welding Roof Assembly, Turned Under Clamp Assembly.

Supplier of:

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by type
  • Valves, metal, bypass...
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