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Vitro Labs

Providing Services In The Following Fields: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Clearance, Environment Monitoring Services, Environment Studies, Analytical Division, Water, Waste Water Analysis, Solid Waste Hazardous Waste Analysis, Industrial Oil, Petroleum Products Analysis, Chemicals, Minerals, Feeds Analysis, Foods, Edible Oils, Metals etc, Analysis. Environment Division: We conduct surveys and researches time and again in order to keep a close check over the air pollution levels, water contamination, soil quality, noise level measurements, etc, and provide apt solutions accordingly. Areas are: Air Pollution, Air Pollution monitoring & Analysis, Stack emission monitoring / measurements, Noise level measurements, Water quality sampling & Analysis, Waste Water / Effluent testing, Soil quality testing, Work Place Environment monitoring as per OSHA/ NIOSH/EPA methods and standards, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring & assessment and Hygiene Studies. Laboratory / Analytical Division: We carry out integrated analytical quality tests and research to check the properties of various industrial raw materials and also the finished products as listed below. Chemical analysis of building materials like., cement, aggregates, steel, metals and alloys, Ores and Minerals, Water and Wastewater, Petroleum products and Lubricating oils, Edible oils, Insecticides and pesticides, Chemicals, solvents and reagents, Fertilizers, Species, condiments and sweetening agents, Cereals and food grains, Milk and fruit products, Confectionery and food colors, Compressed Air Validation & Nitrogen Gas Validation.

  • Air pollution analysis and treatment services
  • Air pollution testing and analysis services
  • Waste water and water pollution analysis and treatment services...
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