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Om Sons International

Manufacturers and Exporters of Combination Open & Box End Spanners, Combination Open & Box End Spanners Raised Panels, Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners, Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners, Long Patterns, Pliers & Wrenches, Carpenter Tools, Miscellaneous Tools, Garden Tools, Trailor Parts, Hutchens Equalizer and Bushing, Hatchens Torque Arm, Hutchens Axle Attaching Parts, Hutchens Spring Hangers Parts, Hutchens Torque Arm Bushing / Equalizer Bushing, Hutchens Torque Arm Bolts and Hardware, Hutchens Equalizer Bolt Kit, Fruehauf Torque Arms & Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf Equalizer Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf "F" Series Axle Attaching Parts, Fruehauf Equalizer & Bushing Assembly, Reyco Equalizer Bushing Assemblies, Reyco Torque Arm Bushing, Reyco Equalizer, Reyco Equalizer Arms, Trial Mobile Suspension Parts, Trail Mobile Torque Arms, Trail Mobile Suspension Parts, Hendrickson Torque Rod Brackets, Hendrickson Turner Suspension Parts, Hendrickson Equalizer Beam Parts, Hendrickson Equalizer Bushing Kits, Mack Suspension Parts, Fasteners, Hub Bolts & Bolts, Center Bolts, Center Bolts, Shackle Kits, Brackets, Stamped Washers, Misc Nuts, Oil Expellers, Round Kettle Oil Expellers, Long Kettle Oil Expellers, Double Gear Oil Expellers, Baby Boilers, Filter Press, Oil Refinery, Copra Cutter, Seed Cleaner, Seed Cracker, Groundnut Decorticator, Feeding Elevator, Residue Conveyor, Boiler, Expeller Spares, Pressing Worms And Collars, Hard Face Worms, Lining Bars / Cage Bars, Worm Shafts, Well Fabricated Chambers, Cone Points, Precision Gears, Helical Gears, Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Scaffoldings :- Swivel Coupler Pressed, Double Coupler Pressed, Putlog Standard Pressed, Swivel Coupler, Swivel Coupler (HD), Putlog Coupler - 1 Single Coupler, Putlog Coupler - 1 Single Coupler, Roofing Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Swivel Coupler (Light Weight) Pressed, Double Coupler (Light Wt.) Pressed, Stairtread Bracket, Toe Board Clip, Gravloere Girder Coupler, Fencing Coupler, Top Board Bracket Coupler Pressed, Universal Clamp, Swivel Coupler Drop Forged, Double Coupler (Drop Forged), Put Log Coupler Forged Cap, Supa Tie Type-1 (Drop Forged Dressed), Scaffolding Spanner, Water Stoper, Jack Nut (Drop Forged), Rossettle Pressed, Rossettle Clamp (Casting), Wing Nut (Drop Forged), Top Cup, Tie Bar, Ledgers/Guardrails, Joint Pin Standard, Drop Head, Rapid Clamp, Biomass Briquetting Plant :- Agro/ Forest Waste Briquetting Plant, Air Freshers & Household Cleaners, Mosquito Repellants, Walnut Powder / Almond Powder.

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Madras Diamond Tools

Madras Diamond Tools (MDT) Established In Chennai In The Year 1990 With The Prime Objective Of Manufacturing & Exporting Diamond Tools of Very High standards for the stone industry, started producing Diamond tools by using indigenous machines made fast process in the field by using the Best Raw materials available in the market which undergoes stringent quality control and inspection in all levels of procurement & production. MDT now has the state-of-art Dr. FRITSCH machines imported from Germany to manufacture tools with highest Quality and Consistency. With dedicated and well qualified technical team for R & D, constant feedbacks from the Customers and a strong service network across the country, MDT strives for optimum results in every Product it deals with and thus, creating a Better value for products and its Customers. The company has a capacity of manufacturing about 2500 segments per day. Our product Range includes the following Stone cutting tools , Diamond Saw Blades,250 mm Circular Blade, 300 mm Circular Blade, 350 mm Circular Blade, 400 mm circular Blade,450 mm Circular Blade,500 mm Circular Blade, 600 mm Circular Blade, 800 mmCircular Blade, Diamond Saw Segments ranging from 600 mm to 3500 mm and polishing pads from 60 grit to 3000 grit, core bits.Diamond cutting tools such as brick wall cutting tool, granite drilling tool, edge cutting blades, metal bond, block saw segments. Other details are as follows: Core Drills starting from 6 mm to 62 mm, Concrete Cutting Blades starting from 300 mm to 600 mm. The company now has the state of the art DR FRITISH technology machines imported from Germany to manufacture tools of the highest quality and consistency like diamond cutting tools such as brick wall cutting tool, granite drilling tool, edge cutting tools, and Turbo Type Edge Cutting Blades for clean and fast cutting. Calibration Segments for Automated Tile Plant, Special Bonding Segments for Kerosene and Chemical Coolant Machines,Metal Bond Segments, Resin Bond Segments, Dia Ceramica Flexible Pads, Diamond Core Drilling Pipes and bits of any size and shape to Drill Granite, Refractory Bricks, Concrete, Brick Wall etc. Tools for Cutting Concrete, Road and Brick Cutting etc. Milling Cutter Segments, Cup Wheels, Dry Cutters, Any special tools required by the Granite Industry. Also, Turbo type edge cutting blades for clean and fast cutting, Calibration segments for Automated tile plant, special bonding segments for kerosene and chemical coolant machines, metal bond segments, resin bond segments, dia ceramica flexible pads, diamond core drilling pipes and bits of any size and shape to drill granite, refractory bricks, concrete etc., Tools for cutting concrete, road and brick cutting, asphalt cutting blades, etc, milling cutter segments, cup wheels, dry cutters and any special tools required by the granite industry. Diamond tools for Stone, Granite Cutting tools, marble cutting tools, concrete cutting blades, polishing pads, saw blades, drill bits, diamond blades etc. Also the Traders of Granite slabs, Granite Tiles, Raw Silk granite, Kashmir White Granite, Kashmir Gold Granite, Madura Gold Granite, Colombo Juparana Granite, Tropical Green Granite, Imperial White Granite, Gibli Granite, Tiger Skin Granite etc under the Trade Name of M/s. Cut Stone Enterprises.

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