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SVA Formwork Systems Private Limited

SVA Formwork Systems Private Limited Simple Solution To Complex Construction. Build World With Innovative Construction Formwork Modernizing Traditional Indian Formwork Industry To Efficient Practices Followed Globally! With A Rich Experience Of 14 Years In Forming Systems & With A Core Philosophy Of Innovating & Elevating The Formwork Practice In A Manner That It Is Beneficial To Entire Construction Industry. We Are Happy To Share Our Unique Pre-designed Products For Time Saver, Higher Productivity, Safer Work Environment, On Site Support, Design Support, Based On The Philosophy Of Incremental Innovation. SVA Components : Tripod Our Universal Tripod Is The Ideal Prop Stand. The Same Can Be Used For All Prop Pipe Sizes. The Tripod Eliminates Bracing & It Is Easy To Erect. It Is Easy To Handle Is Very Safe During Erection. Crosshead : Our Cross Head Is Made To Fit H20 Wooden Beams. It Can Be Use As Single Or Overlapping Condition. The Cross-head Fits On The Flange Of The Prop. Prop : Our Prop Is Hot Dip Galvanised Designed To Take 2 Tones Load Withstanding Capacity At Its Fully Extended Condition. Locking Arrangement Is Provided In Our Prop So None Of Its Parts Can Be Lost. Generally, It Is Workable For Maximum Of 4 Mtr. Slab Height. Due To Hot Dip Galvanizing The Life Of Prop & Repetition Of It Is Much More Than Any Conventional Props. Our Latest Innovation : S-Timber Unique Concept Of Steel+timber I.e. S-timber Innovation To Approx 100 Year Old Present Formwork Working Pattern Strength Of Steel & Wood Together Ideal Replacement Of Lvl & Timber & Acrospan On The Site Solution For Better & Faster Construction. Advantages Of S-Timber : Repetition Gives Up To 200 Times Pockets Are Given For Nailing Through Wood Corrosion Resistant - As It Is Galvanized Steel Strength Of Steel & Wood Together Higher Productivity Do To Light Weight & Straight Ideal Replacement Of Lvl & Timber & Acrospan On The Site S-Timber Applications : Can Be Used In Any Concrete Construction Activity On Site Can Be Used For Footings Can Be Used For Columns Can Be Used For Retaining Wall Can Be Used For Shear Walls Can Be Used For Slab Can Satisfy Requirement For Decking The Material Above Ground Can Be Used For Lift Core Can Be Used For Beams This S-timber Elements Are Available In Four Sections (50X50),(50X70),(60X40),(80X40)

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