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Thakur Overseas Trading & Consultants Limited

Exporters Of 1.Microwave Components And Developing Customized Sub-Systems For Microwave Based Control, Navigation And Communication Systems. Product Details : Filter, Duplexer, Multiplexer,Isolator / Circulator,Pin Switch,Pin Attenuator,Die Electric Resonator Oscillator,Coupler And Hybrid Power Divider Combiner Sub Systems : RF Front End ( X / Ku Band ), RF Bite Source , Rf Up / Down Converter, Super Het Receiver ( X / Ku Band ), DIFM Receiver, Fast Tunable Local Oscillator , Tx - Rx Module ( C / X Band ), Frequency Channeliser ( X / KU Band ) 2.Exporters Of Electronic Voting Machine, Security Systems, Antennas, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network, Air Traffic Control, Nuclear Instruments. 3.Exporters Of PLANT PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE (Granular Form, Liquid Form) Homoeopathic Nutrients ( No Chemical Fertilizers Are Needed To Be Used) For:- CROPS, FLORICULTURE, HORTICULTURE. 4.Exporters Of FERTILIZERS & PESTICIDES - UREA - N 46, - Organic Manure, Herbal Fertilizer 5.ORGANIC ALKALOIDS A Natural Alternative To FUNGICIDE An Effective Alternative To Synthetic Fungicides. 6.Exporters Of AGRO COMMODITIES - Yellow Corn, Feed Barley, Sugar, Refined And Raw Cane Sugar Of India And Brazil Origin, Soyabean Meal, Rice. 7.Exporters Of SPICES - WHOLE & POWDER - Black Pepper, Turmeric Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Cardamom, Red Chilly And Pickles. 8.Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals HUMAN - YANTIBIOTICS / ANTIBACTERIALS/ANTIVIARALS/ ,ANTI ASTHEMETICS/ DECONGSTANTS/ EXPECTORENTS, ANAESTHETICS ANTIDIABETICS, ANALGESICS/ ANTI PYRETICS/ ANTI RHEUMATICS ANTITUBERCULOSIS , ANTI HYPERTENSIVES/CARDIACS ANXIOLYTICS/SEDATIVES/ANTI DEPRESSANTS/ ANTI HISTAMINCS ANTI DIARRHOEALS/ANTI AMOEBICS/ ,ANTI ULCERS/ANTACIDS FOOD ADDETIVES/PRESERVATIVES/ EXCIPIENTES , TOPICAL ANTI BACTERIALS/ ANTI FUNGALS, BLOOD PRODUCTS ETC. VETERINARY: ANTIBIOTICS, FEED SUPPLEMENTS,VITAMINS 9.Traders Of Refined Or Fractionated Petroleum Products, Including:- Chemical And Refinery Feedstocks Like Naphtha And Vacuum Gasoil - Heavy Products Like Industrial And Bunker Fuels - Light Products Like Gasoline, Jet Fuel And Diesel - Commodity Chemicals Such As Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Paraxylene, Cumene And Styrene

Supplier of:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Tuberous and rhizome vegetables
  • Garlic...

Ramp Technologies Private Limited

Ramp Technologies is a Software Engineering Company that offers solutions using Current Technology Processes and Automation. Software Development for Mission and Safety Critical Applications Software Solution Provider Through Adoption Of Software Best Practices And Automation Through Use Of World Class Software Tools.The mission is success of clients build better software faster. Support for Software Lifecycle Ramp Technologies can assist all Companies in adopting Automation in Software Lifecycle Starting from Requirements Management to Design to Coding, Testing, Change Management and Documentation. Embedded Software Development And Testing : We are experienced in providing Embedded Solutions for i960MC, Mil 1750, PowerPC, Digital Signal Processing Processor Based Targets for Ada, C , C++, Java Environments. Testing Solutions- Web, Embedded, Others- We offer testing solutions for almost all platforms and environments. We also offer customised solutions for embedded testing. We develop the customised package to suit the environment. We have experience of well proven solutions for Telecom, Electical Products, Medical, Defence, Aerospace, Automotive fields. Support For IV&V : For critical projects we offer support for Independent Verification and Validation/ Audit to suit standards. SCM And Change Management Multi Site: We provide Solutions for ClearCase and ClearQuest for Change Management on one site or Multisite. Business Collaboration Through Internet Communication: We supply and support implementation of secure Business collaboration for sharing content, managing on line conferences and also having email communication. The solutions are based on use of IBM Domino, Lotus , including CLOUD based implementations. Data Warehousing: For small to large companies we offer solutions for secure data warehousing with Business intelligence. The users can query and prepare atrend analysis which may be useful for Business planning. Software Engineering Customers Include Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Business Collaboration. Training Services:AMP Technologies recommeds Low overhead solution using IBM Rational Test Real Time (RTRT) along with Target Deployment port (TDP) to suit the development environment. TDP is essential for using RTRT. We RAMP Technologies offer to build new TDP or customize similar TDPs to suit the user.s exact environment.

Supplier of:

  • Equipment for digital networks
  • Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
  • Telecommunication systems, data transmission...
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