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Vitro Labs

Providing Services In The Following Fields: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Clearance, Environment Monitoring Services, Environment Studies, Analytical Division, Water, Waste Water Analysis, Solid Waste Hazardous Waste Analysis, Industrial Oil, Petroleum Products Analysis, Chemicals, Minerals, Feeds Analysis, Foods, Edible Oils, Metals etc, Analysis. Environment Division: We conduct surveys and researches time and again in order to keep a close check over the air pollution levels, water contamination, soil quality, noise level measurements, etc, and provide apt solutions accordingly. Areas are: Air Pollution, Air Pollution monitoring & Analysis, Stack emission monitoring / measurements, Noise level measurements, Water quality sampling & Analysis, Waste Water / Effluent testing, Soil quality testing, Work Place Environment monitoring as per OSHA/ NIOSH/EPA methods and standards, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring & assessment and Hygiene Studies. Laboratory / Analytical Division: We carry out integrated analytical quality tests and research to check the properties of various industrial raw materials and also the finished products as listed below. Chemical analysis of building materials like., cement, aggregates, steel, metals and alloys, Ores and Minerals, Water and Wastewater, Petroleum products and Lubricating oils, Edible oils, Insecticides and pesticides, Chemicals, solvents and reagents, Fertilizers, Species, condiments and sweetening agents, Cereals and food grains, Milk and fruit products, Confectionery and food colors, Compressed Air Validation & Nitrogen Gas Validation.

  • Air pollution analysis and treatment services
  • Air pollution testing and analysis services
  • Waste water and water pollution analysis and treatment services...

MELSS Automation Limited

MELSS Automation are Manufacturers, of Electronics Test & Assembly Products: Soldering and SMT Rework-Soldering and Rework Tools used in Electronic Rework Bench. Probes and Test Sockets : Tools for Electronic Testing, Assembly and Rework Bench. Memory Device Programmers, Ggeneral Test Measurement- Electrical & electronic Passive Component Tester, Teradyne Defence & Aerospace, Instrument Power Supplies, Electrical Safety Testers, Display / Video Testers, General T&M Products. Telecom & Photonics: State-of-the-art automated test measurement equipment Test measurement (wire line and wireless) products Optical passive components characterisation solutions are: Optical connector end face characterisation, Optical insertion and optical return loss test products. RF safety and EMF measurement products, Programmable optical filters for optical component emulation, pulse generation and manipulation, DWDM system testing, Flexgrid system development, optical/microwave filtering, High resolution optical spectrum analysers for picometer resolution spectral analysis in combination with a real-time measurement update rate of up to 10 Hz. Strategic Electronics- distribution of advanced testing and simulation systems. Automated Test Equipment, Re-engineering, Simulators. Industrial Automation, Control Systems, Instrumentation & Software- PLC Conrol Systems- Poka â€" Yoke packaging verification syst, Assembly sequence verification system, Furnace/Kiln/Oven control system, Dosing system, Production material transfer automation. MES Software, Test Automation-MES, Product traceability, PIMS ,DAQ & Reports, Inventory storage and retrieval, Production display systems, Telemetry/Remote, Production control room , Packaging verification, SCADA. Test Automation:Motor test system, Thickness measurement system, Leakage test system, End-of-Line test systems, Assembly data acquisition. Simulators-Small Arms Training Simulators (IFATS). Aircraft Part Task Training Simulator. Aircraft Systems Maintenance Simulator â€" Mirage 2000. Ship’s Bridge & Engine Room Simulator. Sea King, Sea Harrier Maintenance Training Simulator, Navigation and Weapon Systems training Simulators (Mirage 2000) Engine Maintenance Simulator (Mirage 2000) Combat System Simulator (Navy) Submarine Control Simulator IT Solutions: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Production Display System, Remote Data Management & Telemetry, Inventory Storage & Retrieval, Plant Information Management System, traceability. Electro-Mechanical Test Systems: Thickness Measurement System, Motor test System. Instrument Dielectric Test System, Spower Supply ATE, Cable Test System, Feeder RTU/IO Test Systems, Protection Relay Test Systems, PCB Functional Test Suystems,Data Acquisition System. Associated Companies: United Electric Systems

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
  • Driers, industrial, electric
  • Drying and curing equipment, ultraviolet (UV), industrial...

MetricStream Inc.

Associated Companies: Corporate Office, MetricStream, Inc. 2600 E. Bayshore Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA, Tel.650-620-2955, Fax.650-565-8542, Email: US East Coast, Atlanta MetricStream, Inc. 3350 Riverwood Parkway Suite 1900 Atlanta, GA 30339, Tel.770-578-7580, Fax.Email: Newyork, New York MetricStream, Inc. 88 Pine Street, 11th Floor New York, NY. 10005 United States, Tel.212-363-3696, Email: Europe, Switzerland MetricStream, Inc. Weichselmattstrasse 58 4103 Bottmingen, CH, Tel.+41-615-880-111, Email: Canada, MetricStream, Inc. 1 Yonge St (Toronto Star Building) Suite 1801 Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 Canada, Tel.416-558-9078, Email: France, MetricStream, Inc. Immeuble LE SIRIUS 124, rue de Verdun 92800 Puteaux France, Tel.+33-811-850-145, Email: Italy, MetricStream, Inc. Via Angelo Moro, 4 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Italy, Tel.+39-199-241-429, Email: Spain, MetricStream, Inc. Bermeo 25 46183 of La Eliana Valencia Spain, Tel.+34-911-829-391, Email: UK, MetricStream UK LTD. 6th Floor One London Wall London United Kingdom EC2Y 5EB, Tel.+44-203-318-8554, Email: Germany, Tel.+49-8912-0895-081, Email: Asia, India - Sales & Marketing MetricStream, Inc. AMR Tech Park 2nd B, Near 23,24, AMR Tech Park Internal Rd, Hongasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka 560 068 India, Tel.+91 80 4962 8000 Singapore, Tel.800-101-2298 Toll Free, Email: South America, Sao Paulo MetricStream, Inc., Email: Argentina, Tel.+54-115-258-2169, Email: Chile, Tel.1230-020-6842, Email: Colombia, Tel.01800-518-2218, Email: Middle East and Africa, United Arab Emirates MetricStream, Inc. C/O Zener IT Solutions P.O. Box 3905 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Tel.+971-2-4040700, Mobile: +971-50-8185341Email: Saudi Arabia, MetricStream, Inc. P.O. Box 4 Khashoggi Building Dhahran Street Al-Khobar Zip Code: 31952, Tel.+971-5072-17139, Email: Australia, MetricStream, Inc. Levels 20 & 21, Tower 2, Darling Park 201 Sussex St Sydney New South Wales, Tel.+61-870-708-014, Email:

  • Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Plastic products
  • Cable trays, plastic...

Jyothi Spectro Analysis Private Limited

Jyothi Spectro Analysis Private Limited Is A Specialised Services In Inspection & Carries Out Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical & Non-Destructive Testing to National & International Specifications. Materials Analyzed in the Chemical Testing Laboratory include:Aluminum Alloys, Carbon, Low Alloy & Stainless Steels, Cobalt Alloys, Copper Alloys, Magnesium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Superalloys, Titanium Alloys, Tool Steels, Zinc Alloys, Cast Iron, Weld Metals,Carbon & Sulphur by Combustion, Water. Mechanical Tests: Tensile Test, Hardness Test, Charpy test, etc. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, or client specified standards. Metallography: Metallurgical tests carried out in Met Lab include: Phase Identification, Alloy Segregation, Macrostructure, Weld Profile checking, Depth of Penetration, Grain Size, Grain Flow, Coating Thickness Measurement, Non Metallic Inclusion Rating , Nodularity, Mesh Size, Particle Count, Coating Analysis, Failure Analysis,Material Defects, Heat Treatment Condition, Surface Carburization, Decarburization,Case Depth Measurement. Chemical Analysis Carried out by Spectrometer & Wet Analysis, NDTS such as Ultrasonic, Radiography, MPI & DPT. Third Party Inspection Petrochemical, Fertiliser, Chemical Projects & Welding & Fabrication, Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Storage Tanks. Non Destructive tests carried out in NDT lab include:Ultrasonic Test, Radiographic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Liquid Penetrant Test.

  • Measuring instruments, magnetism
  • Test equipment, magnetic property
  • Ultrasonic measuring equipment...

MaRs Planning & Engineering Services Private Limited

1. Mars offers design, engineering & project management services. Water & Environment sector-MaRS provides high-quality design, engineering & project management consulting services, specific to the following project types: Water Supply Schemes, Waste Water & Underground Drainage Schemes, City/ULB Storm Water Drainage Schemes,Solid Waste Management Plans,Water Treatment Plants & Pumping Stations, City/ULB Environmental PlansCity/ULB Environmental Plans, Other customized requirements related to water & infrastructure for government bodies, ULBs and International Institutions. 2. MaRS Planning & Engineering provides engineering design and project management for all building types and Industries: Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Industrial Projects, Institutional Projects, Mass Housing and EWS schemes, SSA, RMSA, and other mass scale projects, Other customized requirements related to buildings and industries for government bodies, ULBs, Industrial estates, private organisations and International Institutions. 3. Roads & Infrastructure sector: MaRS provides high-quality design, engineering & project management consulting services, specific to the following project types: Express Highways, National & State Highways, TP and Major District Roads, Bridges, flyovers and underpasses, Ring roads, Other customized requirement related to roads & transport infrastructure for government bodies, ULBs, Industrial estates, private organisations and International Institutions. GIS - Urban & Regional Planning: MaRS provides high-quality design, engineering & project management consulting services, specific to the following project types: City Development Plans (CDP), Town Planning Schemes, Establishment of Townships, Property development advice, Rezoning & Consolidation of lands, Revenue Maps and Land records database management. 4. BIM: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight for creating & managing building & infrastructure projects faster, more economically, & with less environmental impact.BIM is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of various types of building projects. 5.Testing, Investigations & Inspection: MaRS maintains multi-faceted modern materials testing laboratories equipped with soils testing equipment such as strength and compaction devices, sieves, scales, ovens, soil classification stations, moulds, and other equipment necessary to provide moisture content, bearing ratios, density data, boring data for soils and rock, and asphalt testing. Details in Testing:On Site and Lab based Investigations, Design & Implementation of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plans, Development of Quality Manuals, Third Party Inspections, Damage Assessment & Rehabilitation Plans, Vendor Selection & Material Qualifications, Mix Design for RCC & Pavement Materials.

  • Information technology (IT) and Internet
  • Software, graphic design and image processing
  • Software for global positioning systems (GPS) to customer specification...

Kalva Engineers Private Limited

Kalva Offers: NDT Training, NDT Inspection Services, Railways NDT division, NDT Equipment sales and service, NDT Level III services. NDT Equipment, NDT Inspection services for various Industries and Sites. Materials: Speciality Metals and Alloys in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals in the form of Bars, Plates, Sheets and Tubes of Various Sizes and Grades. Products: Alluminium Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Special Alloys and Steel Metals, Nickel Alloys, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Niobium..etc. NDT Inspection Services : Kalva offers NDT Services in Ultrasonic testing ,Radiography testing, Magnetic Particle testing, Penetrant testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Surveys Residual like assessment Corrosion Maintenance. NDT Services for Refineries : NDT in Pressure vessels / Boilers /Piping / Castings / Forgings / Rolling /Cross-country pipeline / Construction field / Bond testing / Pipe corrosion / Power sector / Sugar Industry / Fertilizers / Oil and Gas / Petrochemical / Chemical Industry. NDT Services during Plant Shutdown : Kalva offers NDT - Annual Maintenance Contract Marine & Oil field - Structural . NDT, Offshore - NDT, Naval - NDT & Marnial - NDT Welding Inspection Services : NDT Welding inspection services - Welding Qualification tests. Welding Inspection consultancy. LEVEL .III Services : NDT Procedures development Examinations- ASNT, ISNT Consultancy Inspection Certification NDT Manpower Consultants for India and Abroad : Manpower consultants for NDT Inspection Engineers, Welding Engineers, NDT Inspection Engineers, NDT Technicians,Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Erection Engineers, Welding Instructors, Process Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, NDT Inspectors, NDT Welding Inspectors , NDT Welders, NDT Marine Engineers, NDT Shipping Engineers, & NDT QA /QC Engineers. NDT Training offered : Certification given in Ultrasonic Testing . I/ II Magnetic Particle TestingI/ II Penetrant TestingI/ II Radiography TestingI/ II Radiographic Film Interpretation Advanced Diploma in NDT Diploma in surface NDT Diploma in Internal NDT Certified welding Inspector Courses Eddy Current testing Acoustic Envision Testing Computer Based Training : CD's for UT, RT,PT, & MPT In house corporate, as well as regular programmes.Turnkey basis programs Customer designed cistern built program tailored to suit specific Industry specific hands. Sales and Service of Used UT Equipment Krautkramer Modsonic Sona Test Roopsonic EEC Cables, Probes, Calibration Blocks NDT Equipment:- D Meters Magnaflux- Wet & Dry Kits MFI, FI Powders Flourscent Dry Visible Wet PT Accessories - Chemical Flouresent Visible : PEP WWP SRP Nicr Panel Crack Panel Developers RT Equipment : Films, Densitometers, Chemicals Rangers. safelisnt, all accessories

  • Tungsten compounds
  • Chemical base materials
  • Tungsten compounds NES...
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