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Surface coating, non metallic, for metal surfaces
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Cori Engineers Private Limited

Manufacturers and Exporters Of Rubber Components , Rubber Sheets Includes Rubber Liners, Wiper Rubbers, Skirt Rubber Liners, Abrasion & Corrosion Protection Rubber Sheets and General Purpose Rubber Sheets, Rubber Moulded Components, Rubber Lining for Acid Storage Tanks, Water Treatment vessels Scrubbers, Stacks and ducts, pipes and fittings, Triplex Lining, Phosphoric Acid Lining,De-mineralised water storage tanks,Pickling line for steel plants and rolling mills, Rubber lining by both hot valcanising process and cold bonding process undertaken are Phosphoric Acid Storage Tank, Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank, Alkali and Caustic Soda Storage Tank, D.M. Water Storage Tank, Pressure vessels to DM plants like cation, Anion, Mixed bed & connected pipes and Fittings, Scrubbers Stack & Ducts, Rubber Gaskets - All types of Elastomeric Gaskets such as natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Polybutadiene, Silicon, Flourocarbon, Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene, Styrene Butadiene Rubber in Black , White, Red Colors with or without fabric or metal reinforcements used in Petroleum Refineries, Process Industries, Food Processing units: Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Expansion Joints:Series 100 Single spool wide arch, Series 125 - Multi arch type, Series 150 - Filled arch type, Series 200 - Wide arch type, Series 400 - Spool type double arch, Series 450 - Fabricated metal flange type, Series 600 - Bus duct / rectangular / circular / square bellows Series 700 - Twin sphere model, Series 800 - Concentric reducer type, Series 825 - Clamped type, Series 850 - Enlarged flange type, Series 875 - "U" type / straight flanged connectors / flexible rubber pipe / no arch type. Anti Vibration Mounts: Sandwitch Mounts, Housed Sandwich Mounts, Cylindrical Stud Mounts, Cylindrical Stud-Female Mounts, Flush Type Elliptical Mount, Control Panel Mounts, Cross Rib Mounting Pad, Large Deflection Mounts, Machine Mounts, Rubber Screens, Built-up Rubber Hoses & Cuffs and Rubber Gaskets. Associated Companies: Arudra Engineers Private Ltd IGP Engineers Private Limited Aruchem INSAP Engineers Private Limited VP Engineers Lonestar Industries INSAPLEX

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Marcus Oils & Chemicals Private Limited

Marcus Oils & Chemicals Private Limited Is An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified Company. Marcus Oil & Chemical Is One Of The Leading Polyethylene Wax Manufacturers In The World Today. We Have Several Manufacturers Using Our Pe Wax World Over For Various Kinds Of Applications. Marcus Oil Supplies Polyethylene Waxes, Low Molecular Weight Polyethylene Waxes With High Melt Points Are In Different Forms Including Micronized & Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Used In A Wide Variety Of Applications Including Adhesives, Candles, Plastics & Coatings. Polyethylene Wax Applications : Ashpalt / Bitumen Modification, Cable Filling / Flooding Compounds,Coating (Paints, Varnishes & Lacquers), Color Concentrate, Corrugated Board Coating, Dispersions (Non - Aqueous Based), Emulsions (Water Based Dispersions), Wax To Water Emulsification, Pressure Emulsification, Fruit Coating, Hot Melt Adhesives, Hot Melt Coatings, Hot Melt Road Marking, Polishes, Polish (Solvent Liquid & Paste), Polyolefins, Printing Inks, Pvc Compounds, Release, Lubricant & Sizing, Rubber Processing, Textiles & Wax Blends. Marcus Oil Manufactured Polyethylene Waxes Mainly Through The Refining Of Material Recovered From Polyethylene Resin Production. Dedicated Tankers Are Used To Truck The Molten Feedstock From Domestic Petrochemical Plants & International Sources To The Marcus Facility Where It Is Refined Into Several Grades Of Pe Wax. It Is Then Shipped In Molten State, Or Accudroped & Shipped In A Variety Of Packaging Styles, E.g. Pastille, Powder, Micronized & Flake Form. The Processing Unit Includes A Drum Flaker As Well As Six Accudrop Belts (60"Wide & 88"Long). The Plant Operates Seven Days Per Week, 24 Hours Per Day. Annual Capacity Is In Excess Of 250 Million Pounds. Marcus Oil Has Been Certified As A Minority Business Enterprise. Marcus Polyethylene Waxes Are Kosher Certified.

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