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K. U Sodalamuthu & Company Private Limited

K. U Sodalamuthu & Company Private Limited Has Been The Pioneer In The Field Of Automatic Paper Conversion Machinery For Textile Paper Cones, Paper Tubes, Cores, Composite Cans, Fibre Drums, Edge Protectors, Pulp Moulding, Paper Recycling. It Is The Largest Indian Manufacturer & Exporter Of Paper Conversion Machinery, Under Its Brand Name- Sodaltech And Has 4 Decades Of Experience And Expertise In This Field. K.u. Sodalamuthu And Company Private Limited Are A Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu (India) Based Manufacturer And Exporter Of Pulp Moulding Machine, Cone Finishing Machine, Automatic Paper Conversion Machinery And Paper Recycling Plant. Our Machinery :- Fully Automatic Paper Cone Machinery With Online Drier, Paper Tube Machinery, Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine, Paper Core Machinery, Edge Protector Machinery, Composite Can Machinery, Fibre Drum Machinery, Pulp Moulding Machinery, Square Drum Machinery, Fully Automatic Cone Finishing Machine - Twin Index , Partially Automatic Paper Cone Making Machinery, Pattern Developing Machine, Paper Cone Winder With Glueing Machinery, Automatic Paper Cone Finishing Machinery, Spiral Paper Tube Winder, High Speed Core Winder With Multi-cutter, On-line Multi Cutter, Automatic Tube Finishing Machinery, Paper Tube Labelling Machinery, Parallel Paper Tube Winder, Automatic Paper Core Cutting Machinery, Paper Tube Winder, Paper Core Winder, Automatic Core Cuter, Easy Core Cutter, Slitter Rewinder Machinery, Ultra Heavy Duty Core Winder, Paper Can Machinery, Horizontal Labelling Machine, Automatic Convoluted Tube Labelling Machine, Compact Core Winder, Paper Can Seaming Machine, Paper Can Flanging Machine, Edge Board Rotary Notching Machinery, Flat Board Making Machinery, Fibre Drum Bottom Lid Fixing Machine, Disc Cutting Machine, Fibre Drum Body Maker, Fibre Drum Ring Fixing Beading Machine, Rotary Pulp Moulding Plant With Online Drier, Multi Side Rotary Pulp Moulding Machinery, Hot Press Machine, Dry Moulding Machinery, Pulp Preparation Unit, Pulp Molding Machine, Egg Tray Making Machinery, Egg Box Making Machinery, Apple Tray, Pulp Tray, Fruit Tray Making Machine, Pulp Tableware Making Machine. Associated Companies: Bharath Paper Conversions Sodaltech Exports, Coimbatore

Supplier of:

  • Tableware and table accessories, paper and board
  • Paper and board
  • Packagings, paper and cardboard, for food products...
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