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JK Files India Limited

Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers of Steel Files, Saw Files, RASPS, Chainsaw Files, Needle Files, Key Files, Car Body Files, Machinist Files, Flexible Files, Ferrier Rasps, Horse Rasps, HSS Drills, Masonry Drills, Tool Bits, Hand Tools: Screwdrivers, Wrenches: Adjustable, Pliers, Spanners, Hammers, Files, Steel Files, Ferrier Rasps, Horse Rasps, Cabinet Rasps, Diamond Needle Files, Taper Saw Flies, Center Drills, Core Drills, Masonry Drills, Taper Shank Drills, Hex Keys, Drill Sets, Steel File Sets, Rasp Sets, Files & Rasps Sets, Sickles, Brick Bolsters, Mallets, Dual Component Handles, Wooden Handles, Plastic Handles, Milled Straight Tooth & Curved Tooth Files, Galvanizing Files, Rethreading Files, Files Flat, Files Half Round, Round Files, Millenicut Files, Plasticut Files, Lamination Files, Regular Taper Files, Farmers Own Files, Enxada Files, File Blanks, Ground Blanks, Steel Bars, Reamers, Cutters, End Mills, Solid Carbide Drills, Shoe Rasps, Hobby Rasps, Sockets, Socket Sets, Machete, Pipe Cutter, Grinding Discs, Cutting Discs, Angle Grinders, All Kind of Hand Tools. Cutter, Angle Grinder, Electric Drill, Impact Drill, Cut-off Saw, Planer, Hole Saw, TCT Blades, Diamond Blades, Hammer Drills Bits, Hand Taps, Short Machine Taps, Hand Taps-BSW, Short Machine Taps BSF, Hand Taps UNC, Short Machine Taps UNF, Long Shank Machine Taps, BSP Taps, Short Shank Machine Taps Spiral Point, Solid Carbide Drills. Cutting Tools, Drill, Machete, File, RASP, Hand Tool, Sharpening Tool, Limas, Jewellery File. Ferramentas, Herramientas DE Mano, Steel File, Power Tools, Blower, Cutter, Drill, Impact Drill, Planer, Grinder, Angle Grinder, Chop Saw, Cut Off Saw, Chain Saw, Solid Carbide Drill, HSS Taps, Carbon Taps, Machine Taps, Hand Taps, End Mills, Indian File, Hack Saw, HSS Hack Saw, BI-Metal Hack Saw, Power Hack Saws, construction Tools, Wood Working Tools, Plumbing Tools, Electrician Tools, Metal Working Tools, Deburring Tools, Finishing Tools, Sharpening Tools, Polishing Tools. Associated Companies: Hindustan Files Limited, Kolkata JK Talabot, A JV Operation With MOB / TALABOT of FRANCE, For Manufacturing High Quality Files & Rasps, In India PT Jaykay Files Indonesia, A Company Established In Indonesia, In The Early Seventies, For Production of FILES, RASPS, HSS TWIST DRILLS, CHAIN SAW FILES, SPANNERS, For Catering Mainly The Domestic Indonesian Market , Plus The South East Asian Markets Alongwith CHINA.

Supplier of:

  • Basic metal products
  • Sheets and strips, steel, cold rolled
  • Steel strip, cold rolled, band-saw blade...

Groz Engineering Tools Private Limited

Groz Engineering Tools Private Limited Is An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company. We Are Groz & We Are Addicted To Excellence. We Work With Men & Metal To Engineer Tools. We Are Young & We Carry In Us Passion, Desire & Commitment To Excel. As A Technology Leader We Specialize In Design, Manufacture & Marketing Of A Vast Range Of Tools & Equipment, Driven By A Strong Value System, State Of The Art Manufacturing Facilities & An Enthusiastic Team Of Men & Women, We Are Focused To Position Groz As A Premier Global Enterprise. Leading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Precision Engineering Tools - Measuring & Marking Tools, Set Up Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, Precision Vices. Professional Hand Tools - Heavy Duty Range Of Shop Tools Both For Metal & Woodworking. Punches & Chisels, Indestructible Handle Hammers, Vices & Clamps, Hacksaw Frames & Blades, Woodworking, Measuring & Marking , Taps, Dies & Holders, Pliers & Wrenches, Automotive, Speciality - Paint Mixers, Revolving Punch Pliers, Scratch Awl, Brass Hammers, Grommet Kits, Retra Drive. Lubrication Equipment - Fluid Handling Solutions For Handling Grease, Oils, Chemicals & Fuels. Greasing Equipment - Grease Guns, Grease Gun Accessories, Grease Feeders, Grease Fittings & Accessories, Quick Link, Grease Pumps & Accessories. Fuel Equipment - Fuel Pumps - Electric, Def Transfer Pumps, Fuel Pumps - Manual, Fuel Nozzles, Fuel Meters, Filters & Accessories. Oiling Equipment - Oil Pumps & Accessories, Oil Meters & Guns, Oil Pumps Accessories, Oil Cans & Accessories, Oil Measures & Funnels. Hose Reels, Waste Oil Handling, Speciality Pumps, Air Line Accessories, Drum Handling, Barrel Pumps - Further Funnel Workshop. Air Control Units - Solutions For Purifying, Regulating Pressure & Lubricating Of Compressed Air. Air Control Units, Accessories, Air Blow Guns / Safety Blow Guns, Impact & Ratchet Wrenches. Measuring & Marking Tools - High Precision Industrial Tools For Setting Up Jobs, Marking & Measuring, Workholding Etc. Engineer's Precision Squares, Straight Edge Squares, Machinist's Squares, Straight & Knife Edges, Jenny Caliper - Hermaphrodite Caliper, Wing Compass, Spring Calipers & Dividers - Premium, Degree Protractors, Depth Gauge With Protractor, Multi-use Rule & Gauge, Depth & Angle Gauges, Bore Gauge(Taper Gauge), Sheet Metal & Wire Gauges, Screw Cutting Gauge, Center Gauges, Center Square, Magnetic Compass, Universal Surface Gauges, Dial Comparator Stands, Micrometer Stand, Engineer's Tool Sets, Edge & Center Finders, Electronic Edge Finder, Electronic & Audible Edge Finders, Wiggler Or Center Finder, Electronic Height Offset Gauge, Scribers, Testing. Set Up Tools. Our Sales & Distribution Network Extends To Over 65 Countries Accross The Globe. Our Strength Lies In Forging Meaningful Relationships With Our Customers & Associates Worldwide; It Lies In Sharing Knowledge & Resources. Notwithstanding The Barriers Of Distance, Language Or Culture, We Continually Seek New Challenges, New Opportunities To Exceed Our Potential.

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Woodworking machines, portable
  • Chisels, portable power...

Bevcon Wayors Private Limited

Manufacturers And Exporters Of 1. Coal Handling Plant, Fuel Handling Plant, Bio-mass Handling Plant, Bagasse Handling Plant, 2. Material Handling Equipments 3. Raw Material Handling Plant / System 4. Bulk Material Handling System 5. Pneumatic Conveying System 6. Ash Handling Systems 7. Dust Extraction System + Dust Suppression System + Bag Filters 8. Aerobelt Conveyor 9. Vibrating Screen OR Oscillating Technology (Simply Vibrating Screens OR Screens) a..Circular Motion Screens b.Linear Motion Screen c.Sizer OR Sizer Machine d.Distribution Feeder e.De-watering Screen f.De-stoner Screen 10.Crusher / Crushing Technology / Crushing Equipments a.Impact Crusher / Impactor b.Hammer Mill c.Double Roll Crusher / Roll Crusher d.Ring Granulator e.Jaw Crusher f.Cone Crusher 11. Vibrating Feeder / Vibratory Feeder a.Vibro Feeder b.Feeder 12.Steep Angle Covneyor a.Cleated Belt Conveyor b.Pocket Belt Conveyor c.90 Degree Steep Angle Conveyor / High Angle Conveyor 13.Sandwich Belt Conveyor / Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor 14.Skid Mounted Coal Handling Plant 15.Shell Dome Stacker & Recalimer 16.Linear Stacker & Recalimer 17.Conveyors a.Belt Conveyor b.Drag Chain Conveyor / Enmass Chain Covneyor c.Roller Conveyor / Powerised Roller Conveyor d.Screw Conveyor e.Wet Scrapper Conveyor / Submerged Chain Conveyor / Submerged Scrapper Conveyor 18.Ash Conditioner 19.Rotaty Air Valve / Rotary Air Lock 20.Bucket Elevator 21.Stacker Reclaimer Pneumatic Conveying, crushing, screening, dust collections systems Bulk material handling systems for power projects Flip Flow Screens Pneumatic Conveying Systems Bulk Material Handling Process Systems Stacker Reclaimer Double Roll Crushers Bagasse Handling Plant Bio-mass Handling Plant Material Handling Equipments Raw Material Handling Plant / System Bulk Material Handling System. Pneumatic Conveying System. Ash Handling Systems. Aerobelt Conveyor Distribution Feeder De-watering Screen De-stoner Screen Crushing Technology / Crushing Equipments Double Roll Crusher / Roll Crusher Ring Granulator Vibrating Feeder / Vibratory Feeder /Vibro Feeder Steep Angle Covneyor Cleated Belt Conveyor Pocket Belt Conveyor 90 Degree Steep Angle Conveyor / High Angle Conveyor Sandwich Belt Conveyor / Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor Skid Mounted Coal Handling Plant Shell Dome Stacker & Reclaimer Linear Stacker & Recalimer Belt Conveyor Drag Chain Conveyor / Enmass Chain Covneyor Roller Conveyor / Powerised Roller Conveyor Screw Conveyor Wet Scrapper Conveyor / Submerged Chain Conveyor / Submerged Scrapper Conveyor Ash Conditioner Rotaty Air Valve / Rotary Air Lock Bucket Elevator Associated Companies: Bevcon Wayors Inc

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Cane, wicker, straw and rush products
  • Panels and screens, osier/willow...

SKF Economos India Private Limited

Delivery Programme, Import: The SKF Economos Group is the global leader for standard and custom engineered sealing solutions, which supplies all segments of industry. It specialises in supplying customised, engineered sealing solutions and advanced engineered plastic parts. The SKF Economos Group develops and offers customer specific, innovative sealing concepts and multifunctional precision engineered parts made from advanced plastic compounds. Since 2006 SKF Economos is part of the globally renowned SKF bearings company. Activity Specified: Standard seals and custom engineered sealing solutions - for any industry Customer specific seals from prototype (single seal) to serial - production (injection moulded) made of high performance - polymeric sealing materials Machined Advanced Engineered Plastic Parts (AEPP) made of - high performance plastic materials for a wide range of - industrial applications Turnkey seal-production machines (Seal-Jet® systems) Water-Jet® cut products Cylinder repair service in addition to our seal business, - we offer a repair service for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders Product Range (Manufacture and Export): Due to our flexible production process, we can supply standard and special seals in customized dimensions and heavy duty sealing materials up to 4.000 mm in diameter as one piece and larger using our welding technique within shortest possible delivery times (availability permitting, from 24 hours). Our long standing experience in material development allows us to produce the highest standard of polymeric seals and meet the most demanding sealing requirements. * Piston Seals * Rod Seals * Wiper Seals * Rotary Seals * Guide Rings * Back-up Rings * Static Seals * Advanced Engineered Plastic Parts (AEPP) using sophisticated machining techniques, we can produce both simple and complex components of engineered or advanced engineered plastic parts, made of high performance plastic materials to your specific design. * Semi finished high performance sealing materials (for details please see traded material names) * Seal-Jet® machines (IP and NG-ranges incl. accessories) CNC cutting plants for plastic materials * Additionally traded products we supply a huge variety of traded components and products like o-rings, compact piston seals, radial shaft seals, guide rings, guide tapes, water cut gaskets etc. * Services: Please consider our service offer for advanced on-site consulting, product and material development, media resistance tests, finite element analysis (FEA), etc. Traded material names: Due to increasingly more complex demands on the sealing technology, material developments are gaining in importance. SKF Economos supplies 23 standard and more than 50 special materials: . STANDARD MATERIALS (POLYURETHANES): ECOPUR® (TPU, green, thermoplastic Polyurethane) H-ECOPUR (TPU, red, hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic Polyurethane) G-ECOPUR (CPU, red, cast hydrolysis-resistant thermoplastic - Polyurethane; same raw material components as H-ECOPUR - available for diameter ranges from 540 to 4000 mm as one piece, - seal dimensions from 4000 and above 8500 mm using our welding - technique) S-ECOPUR (grey, abrasion resistant thermoplastic Polyurethane; - optimised tribological characteristics (friction and wear resistance) - achieved through the addition of solid lubricants) T-ECOPUR (TPU, blue, low temperature thermoplastic Polyurethane, - minimum service temperature is extended to -50°C) X-ECOPUR (TPU dark green, thermoplastic Polyurethane with - 57 Shore D hardness, outstanding friction and wear properties - an alternative to PTFE solutions) XH-ECOPUR (TPU, dark red, hydrolysis resistant thermoplastic - Polyurethane with 60 Shore D hardness an alternative to PTFE - solutions) XS-ECOPUR (TPU, dark grey, abrasion resistant thermoplastic - Polyurethane with 57 Shore D hardness and improved sliding - properties an alternative to PTFE solutions) . STANDARD MATERIALS (ELASTOMERS): SKF ECORUBBER-1 (NBR, black, elastomer based on sulphur vulcanised Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber) SKF ECORUBBER -H (H-NBR, black, peroxyde cross linked, hydrogenated Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber) SKF ECORUBBER -2 (FPM,FKM, brown, bisphenol cross linked - Fluororubber) SKF ECORUBBER -3 (EPDM, black, peroxyde cross linked Ethylene- - propylene-diene rubber) SKF ECOFLAS (TFE/P, black, Tetrafluoro-ethylene-propylene rubber) . STANDARD MATERIALS (THERMOPLASTICS): SKF ECOFLON 1 (PTFE-virgin, white, Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene; - semi-crystalline thermoplastic material) SKF ECOFLON 2 (PTFE with 15% glass fibres and 5% MoS2, grey, -. Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material) SKF ECOFLON 3 (PTFE with 40% bronze as filler, bronze, - Poly-tetrafluoro-ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material) SKF ECOFLON 4 (PTFE with 25% carbon, black, Poly-tetrafluoro- - ethylene; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material) SKF ECOTAL (POM, black, semi-crystalline Poly-acetale-copolymer) SKF ECOMID (PA, black, Polyamide) SKF ECOPAEK (PEEK, cream coloured, Poly-ether-ether-ketone; - high-performance thermoplastic material) SKF ECOWEAR 1000 (UHMW-PE, white, ultra high molecular weight - Polyethylene; molecular weight: 4.500.000 g/mol; excellent wear - resistance and impact strength also at low temperatures down - to -200°C; semi-crystalline thermoplastic material) . STANDARD MATERIALS (THERMOSETS): SKF ECOTEX (Polyester, light orange, Polyester-resin with polyester - fabric and graphite filler; excellent wear resistance and impact - strength, especially for guide rings and bearing bushes) . ALTERNATIVE PTFE VARIANTS IN STOCK SKF Ecoflon, special types with organic fillers PTFE can also be compounded with organic fillers to produce - "high performance compounds", e.g. Poly-phenylene-sulfones - (PPSO2), Poly-phenylene-sulfide (PPS), Polyarylate (PAR; - "EKONOLl") or Poly-ether-ether-ketones (PEEK). SKF ECOFLON 5 (modified PTFE matrix, e.g. modified PTFE/TFM - from Dyneon) Some applications require food compatible PTFE materials. - SKF ECOFLON Ecoflon 1 and SKF ECOFLON 5 meet FDA (Food and Drug - Association) regulations. . OTHER ALTERNATIVE PLASIC AND RUBBER MATERIALS IN STOCK

Supplier of:

  • Rubber products
  • Technical parts, rubber
  • Balls, rubber, industrial...
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