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Sourcing Office for Castings, Machined Components and Other Engineering Products. Consultants for Improving Company Activites to European Standards. Sourcing of Engineering Components from India for International Buyers. Services: Provide Liaison Agents, Local Consultants and to Source Engineering Products/Services for International as well as domestic Customers. Products dealt with with: Cast Iron Foundries (Grey Iron, Ductile Iron / Nodular Iron, Alloyed Cast Iron) Steel Foundries (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloyed steel, Duplex grades) Shell and Investment Casting Foundries (Cast Iron, Ductile Iron / Steel - Investment) Forging shops (Open Die and Closed Die, Hot and Cold forging, Rolled metal) Precision Machine Shops (Machining, Sub Assembly and Full Assemby) Treatment shops (Heat treatment, Surface coating, Painting) Aluminium & Zinc Casting units(Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die casting, Sand Casting) Sheet metal and Fabrication jobbing units (Laser cutting, bending, punching, blanking, welding) Plastic Injection Moulding & Rubber Moulding Die and Mould making Pattern / Tool making job shops Transmission industry (Electric motors, Sprockets, Couplings, Gears and Gear Boxes) Valve industry (Valve castings, Machined valve parts, Fully pressure tested valves) Automotive industry (Parts / Accessories and Products) Hydraulic and Pneumatic components (Cylinders, Power packs, Air Filtration equipment)

  • Basic metal products
  • Iron castings and parts
  • Iron castings, sand moulded...

G. S. Alloy Castings Limited

Manufacturer And Exporters Of Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Manganese Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Ni Hard, Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Castings. Unit-1: Casting Capacity: Few Kds To 5 Metric Tons, Single Piece Casting. Furnaces Facilities: 0.5 Tons/ 1 Ton/ 2.5 Tons/ 5 Tons Induction Furnances. Moulding Facilities: Co2 Process/ Hand Moulding. Heat Treatment Facilities: Electrical Bogie Hearth Furnances 3 Ton/ 5 Ton/ 15 Tons Quality Control: Fully Equipped Wet Analysis Chemical Lab & Spectro Lab With 15 Elements. Mechanical Laboratory With All Mechanical Testing Equipments. NDT Facilities With Qualified E$ngineers & Metallorgraphy Facilities. Machine Shop: VTL.1 Meter.1 No, VTL.1.2 Meter.1 No, VTL.3 Meter.1 No, VTL.3.5 Meter.1 No, Boring Machine.100mm.1 No, Radial Drilling Machine.2".1 No, Plano miller.6 Meters X 2 Meter.1 No. Unit.II:Casting Capacity: Up To 25 Metric Tons, Single Piece Casting. Furnaces Facilities: 12 Tons + 15 Tons Dual Track Systems Induction Furnances. Moulding Facilities: Co2 Process with Sand Reclamation and Sand Recondition Automatic Palnt. Heat Treatment Facilities: Oil Fired Bogie Hearth Furnances 35 Ton / 25 Tons. Quality Control: Fully Equipped Wet Analysis Chemical Lab & Spectro Lab with 15 Elements with Nitrogen Analysis, Mechanical Laboratory with all Mechanical Testing Equipments, NDT Facilities with Qualified Engineers & Metallography Facilities.

  • Iron compounds
  • Chemical base materials
  • Ferrocyanides, ferricyanides...
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