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Thermax Limited

Thermax Limited Is Manufacturer & Supplier Of Energy Sector - Absorption Cooling (Vapour Absorption Chillers, Heat Pumps, Heat Transformer, Solar-based Cooling), Process Cooling (Evaporative Condenser, Closed Loop Cooling Tower, Dry Cooler, Adiabatic Cooler), Boilers & Heaters (Waste To Energy, Large Industrial Boilers, Solar - Based Heating, Fired Heaters), Power Generation Solutions (Power Plants, Balance Of Plant, Operation & Maintenance), Solar Technology (Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic), Process Heating Solutions (Steam Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heater, Hot Water Heater/Generator, Hot Air Heater/Generator, Waste Hrb, Energy Plant, Reference Case). Environment Sector - Air Pollution Control (Electrostatic Precipitators - Dry, Wet, Electrostatic De-tarrer, Bagfilters - Pjbf, Rabh, Particulate Scrubbers - Cyclonic, Venturi Type, Gaseous Scrubbers - Spray Tray Towers, Combofiltertm, Flue Gas Desulphurization (Fgd), Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (Sncr) For Denox, Selective Catalytic Reduction (Scr) For Denox), Water & Waste Management (Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment & Recycling, Sewage Treatment & Recycling, Incinerator), Chemical Sector (Chemicals, Ion Exchange Resins, Water Treatment Chemicals, Fuel Additives & Fireside Chemicals, Green Chemicals, Sugar Industry Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Construction Chemicals). It Also Provide Energy-Services (Piping Design-Consultancy & Energy Audits), Utility Outsourcing - Specialized Service Solutions (Condition Assessment & Remaining Life-Analysis, Comprehensive Health Checkup Services, Maintenance & Overhauling Services, HAZOP Safety Study, Recommissioning Repair Services), Retrofit & Revamp (Boiler Automation, Solid Fuel Conversion, Oil & Gas Conversion, Upgrades, Waste Heat Recovery System, Customised Solutions), Operation & Maintenance (Packaged Boilers & Peripherals & Power Plants), Spares (Turnkey Project Execution, Wastewater Treatment Services, Large Boiler Services, Customer Training). Joint Venture Companies: Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions Private Limited Thermax SPX Energy Technologies Limited Group: Thermax Group Associated Companies: Thermax Engineering Construction Company Limited Thermax Instrumentation Limited Thermax Sustainable Energy Solutions Limited Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited Thermax Supply Management Thermax Channel Management Subsidiaries: Thermax Inc., USA Thermax Europe Ltd., UK Thermax (Zhejiang) Cooling & Heating Engineering Company Limited., China Thermax Denmark Aps Thermax Netherlands B.V. Danstoker A/S, Denmark RIFOX - Hans Richter GmbH Spezialarmaturen

Supplier of:

  • Chemicals for water treatment
  • Chemical products
  • Water treatment chemicals, alkaline...
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