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Screws, clamping, metal, non-turned, for machine tools
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Apex Precision Mechatronix Private Limited

Apex Precision Mechatronix Private Limited

Importers, Distributor & Supplier Of Engineered Screws, Bearing & Bushes. Authorized Distributor For Thk Global - Linear Motion Systems, Ball Screws, Gears, Racks & Pinions, Industrial Motors, Linear Actuators, Bearings. Linear Motion Guides( LM Guide ): Linear Motion Guides, Hardened & Ground Linear Shafts, Cam Followers, Roller Followers, Linear Bushes, Crossed Roller Bearings. Linear Actuators : Electro Mechanical Actuators, Power Jack, Linear Actuators. Ball Screws : Ball Screws, Rollers Screws, Lead Screws, Ball Splines , Ball Screw Support Bearings. Gears, Racks & Pinions : Gear, Racks & Pinons, Bevel Gear Box. Industrial Motors : Geared Motors, Linear Motors, Stepper & Servo Motors. Optronic Components Clamp For Linear Guides Steeper Servo Controller Industrial Motors Linear Motors Manual Rotary Motor Servo Motors Stepper Servo Controllers Industrial Coupling Precision Locking Elements Pneumatic Cylinders Modular Linear Axis Oil Mist Cleaner Cam Follower Linear Bushes THK LM Grease Ball Spline Power Screw Jack Electromechanical Actuators Lead Screws Roller Screws Industrial Gearbox Linear Shaft Aluminium Profiles Precision Balls Rollers Rod End Link Ball Air Treatment Compass Air Solenoid Valves Ball Transfer Unit LM Guide Precision Locknuts Industrial Bearings Bevel Gears Linear Stages Linear Motion Guides (LM Guide) : LM Guide Global Standard Size Model SHS LM Guide Radial Type Model SSR LM Guide Ultra-Heavy Load Type For Machine Tools Model SVR/SVS LM Guide Wide Rail Model SHW LM Guide Miniature Model SRS LM Guide Cross LM Guide Model SCR LM Guide Finite Stroke Model EPF LM Guide Global Standard Size Model HSR LM Guide Radial Type Model SR LM Guide Ultra-Heavy Load Type For Machine Tools Model NR/NRS LM Guide Wide Rail Model HRW LM Guide Miniature Model RSR LM Guide Separate (Four-Way Equal Load) Model HR LM Guide Separate (Radial Type) Model GSR LM Guide Separate (Radial Type) Model GSR-R LM Guide Cross LM Guide Model CSR LM Guide Miniature Cross Guide Model MX LM Guide Structural Member Rail Model JR LM Guide R Guide Model HCR LM Guide Straight-Curved Guide Model HMG LM Guide Self-Aligning Model NSR-TBC LM Guide Self-Aligning Model NSR-TBC LM Guide High Temperature Type Model HSR-M1 LM Guide High Temperature Type Model SR-M1 LM Guide High Temperature Type Model RSR-M1 LM Guide High Corrosion Resistance Type Model HSR-M2 LM Guide Medium-To- Low Vacuum HSR-M1VV LM Guide Oil-Free for Special Enviroments Model SR-MS LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity Type Model SRG LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity (Low Center Of Gravity) Model SRN LM Guide Ultra-High Rigidity (Wide) Model SRW LM Guide Actuator Model SKR LM Guide Actuator Model KR Ball Spline : Caged Ball Spline SLS/SLF Medium Torque Ball Spline Rotary Ball Spline With Geared Type Model LBG and LBGT Rotary Ball Spline With Support Bearing Type Model LTR and LTR-A Ball Bushing / Linear Bushing LM Stroke LM Stroke Model ST Miniature Stroke Model MST Die-Setting Ball Cage Model KS/BS Precision Linear Pack Cross Roller Guide / Ball Guide Cross Roller Table Linear Ball Slide LM Roller Flat Roller Slide Pack Slide Rail Spline Nut Ball Screw Precision, Caged Ball Screw Finished Shaft Ends Model BNK Precision Ball Screw Precision Ball Screw / Spline Rolled Ball Screw Ball Screw Peripherals Models EK, BK, FK, EF, BF, FF Nut Bracket Lead Screw Nut Change Nut Cross-Roller Ring Cam Follower Roller Follower Spherical Plain Bearing Link Ball Rod End Lubrication Accessories Associated Companies: Amcats Private Limited Apex Precision Agencies Hemani Importing Agency

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by type
  • Valves, metal, solenoid operated...

Conex Metals India

Manufacturer & Exporter of Brass Copper and Stainless Steel components , turned parts, fasteners, screws machine, parts, cable accessories - Brass and Copper fittings cable glands, clamps, ties, electrical wiring accessories, conduit fittings, wires and cables, Copper Cable Lugs ,terminal ends, fasteners - screws, bolts, washer, nuts, turned parts ,presed sheet metal parts,flexible conduits, Brass connectors, adapters, pipe brackets, pressings, components, pressed components, stamped components, switchgear accessories parts, control panel components, earthing accessories, plumbing fittings, neutral bars, earth blocks, terminal blocks, ground rod clamps, pipe clamp, sanitary fittings, hose fittings, earthing clamps, earth ,grounding rods, lugs, terminals, battery terminals, Brass anchors, expansion anchors, Brass Pillars, sanitary and plumbing fittings, metric nuts,clamps, jam nuts, panel nuts, stainless steel fasteners, stainless flanges, lock nuts, panel nuts, jam nuts, conduit fittings, terminal blocks, neutral links bars, earthing rods, grounding rods, lugs, Copper terminals, compression tube fittings, flare fittings, machined and turned barbed fittings, dome / cap nuts, concrte anchors, springs, Brass sockets, plugs, pins, lamp parts, chicago screws,pipe and tube fittings, galvanized clamps , stainless steel wires, rods, flanges, couplings, pipe fitting, Brass hose nipples, stainless steel fittigs,compressionfitting, nuts, nipples, conductor fixings, moulding nuts inserts, eye bolts, injection molding accessories, ferrules, bushes, plugs, connectors, heating components, non - ferrous components, gunmetal Bronze casting, Copper and Bronze castings, pipe nipples, wood screws, binding screws, studs, threaded rods, lock nuts, full nuts, fastener products, exporters, importers,manufacturers, India, NPT fittings, copper strips, moulding inserts, stainless steel machined components, audio - video connectors and adaptors. Associated Companies: Associated Exports, Prime Constructions

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
  • Cable trays, glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Plastic products...

Arpit International Private Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Brass Copper and Stainless Steel Components Turned Parts, Brass Fasteners, Brass inserts, (SOL.BRASS ANCHOR), Screws Machine, Parts, Cable Accessories - Brass and Copper Fittings Cable Glands, Clamps, Ties, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Conduct Fittings, Wires and Cables, Copper Cable Lugs. Terminal Ends, Fasteners - Screws, Bolts, Washer, Nuts, Turned Parts, Pressed Sheet Metal Parts, Flexible Conduits, Brass Connectors, Adapters, Pipe Brackets, Pressings, Components, Pressed Components, Stamped, Precision Components, Switchgear Accessories Parts, Control Panel Components, Earthing Accessories, Plumbing Fittings, Neutral Bars, Earth Blocks, Terminal Blocks, Ground Rod Clamps, Pipe Clamp, Sanitary Fittings, Hose Fittings, Earthing Clamps, Earth Grounding Rods, Lugs, Terminals, Battery Terminals, Brass Anchors, Expansion Anchors. Brass Pillars, Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings, Metric Nuts, Clamps, Jam Nuts, Panel Nuts, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Flanges, Lock Nuts, Panel Nuts, Jam Nuts, Conduit Fittings, Terminal Blocks, Neutral Links Bars, Earthing Rods, Grounding Rods, Lugs, Copper Terminals, Compression Tube Fittings, Flare Fittings, Machined and Turned Barbed Fittings, Dome / Cap Nuts, Concrete Anchors, Springs. Brass Sockets, Plugs, Pins, Lamp Parts, Chicago Screws, Pipe and Tube Fittings, Galvanized Clamps, Stainless Steel Wires, Rods, Flanges, Couplings, Pipe Fitting. Brass Hose Nipples, Stainless Steel Fittings, Compression Fitting, Nuts, Nipples, Conductor Fixings, Molding Nuts Inserts, Eye Bolts, Injection Molding Accessories, Ferrules, Bushes, Plugs, Connectors, Heating Components, Non - Ferrous Components, Gunmetal Bronze Casting. Copper and Bronze Castings, Pipe Nipples, Wood Screws, Binding Screws, Studs, Threaded Rods, Lock Nuts, Full Nuts, Fastener Products, Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, India, NOT Fittings, Copper Strips, Molding Inserts, Stainless Steel Machined Component s, Audio - Video Connectors and Adapters, Brass Wall Anchors & Brass Battery Terminals (Auto Parts).

  • Paper and board
  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing
  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for drawing and writing...

Stainless Steel Impex

Manufacturer, Exporters, Importers & Stockiest of Stainless Steel Sheets, Plates, Coils, Strips, Pipes, Tubes and Pipe Fittings.Also we deal into the High Nickel Products like Inconel,Monel Pipes,Tubes,Fittings,Flanges,Olets etc. Also we are dealing into below produts. Stainless Steel 202, 303, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 309,310, 317, 347, 409, 410, 420, 430, 431, 440 C in Form of Rounds, Square, Hex Bars, Bright , Black, Forged, Bars, Flanges, Fittings, Coils , Sheets & Plates, Wire, Rods, Strips, Welded, Seamless, Pipes & Tubes. Mild Steel IS 2062 Grade, ASTM, Galvanized Sheets, 516 Grade 70, A 36 Sheet, Structural Items, I Beams, H Beams, C channels, Angles, Flats, Pattis, Tor Steel, TMT Bars, Alloy Steel, SAE 8620, EN 1A, EN 8, EN 9, EN 16, EN 19, EN 24, EN 353, P5, P11, P12,F11, F12, 12L14 rounds in black and bright bars Carbon steel products C 45, C 55, A 105, A 106 etc Die Steel, D2 Grade, D3 Grade, Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, M1 Grade, M2 Grade, Spring Steel, WPS Steel, OHNS, Duplex Steel Grade 2205, 31803, Aluminium HE 30, HE 20, He 9, 6061. 6063, 6351, 2014 Brass, Copper, 17 4 Ph, Nickel, Monel K 400, Monel 500, Inconel , Cupro Nickel 70:30 , 90:10, alloy 20, Hastelloy. The all above material is available in all the sizes and forms like Round, Squares, Hex, Welded Pipes, ERW Pipes, Seamless Pipes, Square Pipe, Round Pipes and Tubes, Sheets, Plates, Coils, Shims, Circles, Rings, Wires, Flanges, Fittings, Elbow, Tee, Stub End, Union, Reducer, Fasteners, Angles, Channels, Beams, etc. Group of Companies: Ratnaveer Steels Navkar Traders

  • Flats, steel, cold rolled
  • Flats, spring steel
  • Flats, wrought iron, cold rolled...
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