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Wood & Plastik introduces a new generation (wood alternative) product Darva Composite Boards An Eco friendly wood panel used as Construction & Shuttering Boards, Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets and many others. Our Products is widely appreciated as it consist of strong bonding properties, 100% recyclable, Non-hazardous, Timeless Durability & eco-friendly in Nature. Darva composite Board a new technology product which replaces our traditional products such as Wood, Timber, MDF & Particle Boards. Stronger than wood (6 times), Recycled (30 times), fire- retardant, waterproof, ant-termite with >20 years of durability. Darva composite Boards is a new kind of environment friendly and 100% recycle material. Made of Agriculture waste (Wheat straw, cotton stalk, rice chaff, wood sawdust) and recycled plastics (Plastics film Bags and Plastics Bottles) as a main raw material and additives is added as binding properties. Features: 1. 100% waterproof and fire-retardant 2. Total Termite- resistant 3. Anti- decay 4. Weather- resistant 5. Environment friendly 6. Anti- corrosion 7. Sound proof 8. Good Compressive Strength Advantages: Darva board is a new building template material; it is a good product instead of steel board, bamboo plate and plywood. Non-toxic and borer free It is light weight, waterproof, stronger, easy to assemble, high turnover rate, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no mildew, acid and alkali resistance, no crack, board of big, less seams, sawing, can be nailed. High tensile strength, bending property higher than wood. It is recycled (30 times) so the total cost is much lower than the current use of bamboo template construction, and it has excellent flame retardant performance, from self extinguishing fire, smokeless. No requirement of pest control and painting as it is termite free and crack free. DARVA foam board is a new, green energy-saving product.

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