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Rubber products, composite cellular/foam rubber and solid, for industrial use
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Venkateswaraa Foam Product

Manufacturer and Exporters of Foam Products, Polyurethane, xpe, Rexine Products, P.U.Products, Packs, Tapes, PU Products, Industrial Foam Solutions, Sign Board Protective Film Adhesive Tapes, Foam Based Adhesives, Weather Sealing, Exterior Applications, Thermal Insulation, Attachments, Moisture Barrier, Structural Glazing, Void Filter, Polyethylene Cross Linked, EPDM, PVC Foam, Structural Cladding, Vibration Protection, Light Sealing, Signboard Protective Film Adhesive Tapes, all forms of Laminations with Fabrics, Acoustical Control, Packaging, Package Adhesive Tapes, Mounting, Dust Sealing, Chemical Resistant Seals, Electrical Insulation, Assembly Aid, Footwear, Interior Applications, Adhesive Tapes, Automobile, Air-Conditioning, Construction, Electronics, Packaging & Foot Wear, Cladding Tapes, ahu Gaskets and Duct Gaskets., Anti Vibration Foam Pads., Rubber Vibration Dampers, Butyl Pads & Dampers, Air Conditioning Compressor Jacket or Blanket, Acoustic Foams, vhb & Mounting Tapes, EPDM Gaskets, Cotton/ Felt Based Insulations, Wiring Harness Foams, Pads, all variety of Packaging Needs, Wiring Harness, Materials Handling, Moisture/ Dirt Seal, Meastro, Musso under Skin, Crepe Maskin & Flatback Tapes, Low Temperature, Medium Tape, Cell Phone, LCD Screen, Graphic, Box Closure on Automated Equipment, over Paked Box.

Supplier of:

  • Paper for industrial use
  • Paper and board
  • Tapes and paper, surface mount technology (SMT) use, for the electronics industry...

Lakshmi Industries

LAKSHMI INDUSTRIES established in the year 1996 at CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU. The company has carved a niche in the rubber industry and has been scaling new heights in its business endeavor and also pride ourselves in having one of the highest production capacities in the CHENNAI. Since 1996 our company has been engaged in production of RUBBER MOLDED and EXTRUDED PRODUCTS. We are regularly expanding our product range, infrastructures and trying to do research and development for new technology.With the help of technology we are running on the Path of success. We are one of the leading manufacturers of rubber products in CHENNAI .We offer superior quality rubber products like Silicone Rubber Products, Silicone Rubber Bonded to Metal, Oil Seals, ‘O’ Rings, Metal Bonded Seals, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, Gaskets, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Bridge Bearings, Gate Seals, Corner Seals, Valve Seals and other Rubber molded Products. LAKSHMI INDUSTRIES works with a motto “RUBBER - The Engineering Way” by offering high quality products at reasonable price we can assure you that tie-up with our company for all you corporate requirement of the above products would be an asset to your firm. We are aware that you are currently making use of products provided by another organization and may not be currently looking for a change. We would like to thank you for the time that you have taken in order to go through this letter and the enclosed documentation. A common vision to satisfy the needs of customers in and around Tamil Nadu motivates the skilled professionals at LAKSHMI INDUSTRIES to make new ideas work and to deliver and market innovative products. LAKSHMI INDUSTRIES customers get complete back-up support and the confidence of companies Quality assurance. We realize the importance of binding itself through a well-defined set of principles applicable across all levels of the company.. LAKSHMI INDUSTRIES committed to manufacture every product in an eco-friendly way. All products are engineered green and produced in "Clean Factories". 100% of the created wastes are recycled properly. Lakshmi Industries constantly produces products and every material that are safe for people and the environment. Continually decreasing the impact on the earth is our constant mission. In upcoming years the company has planned to install eco-friendly recycling plants which would help the factory to green in all aspects and also dedicates to manufacture Green Products to enforce environmental protection standards such as low greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of resource utilization.

Supplier of:

  • Technical parts, rubber
  • Rubber products, composite cellular/foam rubber and solid, for industrial use
  • Rubber product making machinery and equipment...
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