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Guru Precision Tools Private Limited

Manufacturer, Exporters & Importers of Quick Change Tool Post & Holders:Turning and Facing Holder, Boring Turning and Facing Holder, Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder, Universal Parting Blade Tool Holder and Knurling, Turning and Facing Holder. Clamps: Strap Clamp, Heel Strap Clamp, Open Ended Strap Clamp, Flat Clamp, Machine Clamp, Swing Machine Clamp, Mini Flat Clamp, Mini Swing Flat Clamp, Low Height Clamp, CNC Clamp, Floating Ball Clamping Element, Adjustable Clamp with Pressing piece, Multi-Quick Clamp, Fast simple modular, Clamping device, Fine Adjustable Block, Universal Height Blocks. Parallels: Parallel Blocks, Tool Room 'V' Block- Hardened, Universal Stopper Guide. Fasteners: Hex Nut With Collar, Clamping Stud, T-Bolt, T-Nut, Hex Hi-Nut, Extension Nut, C-Washer, Plain Washer Spherical Washer With Conical Seat, Precision Locknut. Cams: Cams Per DIN 69638 Form UA/UB, CAMS-Type GX1216-50, CAMS-Type GX 1216 For Trip Rails ULA/UF 12-16mm, CAMS with 6mm Channels Form UA Type Per DIN 69639, CAMS With 6mm Channels UB per DIN 69639. Screw Jacks: Screw Jacks GP-SBSJ, Screw Jacks GP-SJ without Lock Nut, Screw Jacks GP-SJ with Lock Nut,Screw Jacks GP-BBLN, Screw Jacks GP-CHSB, Screw Jacks GP-SJCH,Screw Jacks GP-SCL,Screw Jacks GP-50 SF. one side Flange, Screw Jacks GP-70 DF, Screw Jacks GP-DF Double Flange crew Jacks GP-90 DF Screw Jacks GP-SHSB, Fine leveling jack. Arbors: Face Mill & Shoulder Face Mill Arbors, Stub Milling Arbors. CNC Milling Machines Components, Horizontal Machining Centre, CNC Lathe, Precision Milling machine, Lathes, Precision drilling and Boring, DTH Hammers, DTH Button Bits, Mining and Drilling Equipments, Mining Tools and Mining Equipments.

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