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Kay Bee Exports

Leading Integrated Exporter Of Fresh Fruits and Agriculture Fresh Produce Vegetables. Aubergines, Gourds and Others. Assorted Vegetables :Specialised In Pomegranates, Pomegranates Arils, Mangoes, Alphonso Mango, Alphanso Mango, Kesar Mango, Figs and Grapes. ,(Cluster Beans), Haldi (Turmeric), Yams, Arvi (Indian Eddoes)Assorted Fruits : Papaya, Guava, Sapodilla (Chikoo), Apple Ber ( Indian Jujube), Fresh Red and Yellow Barhi Dates, Custard Apple, Sugarcane, Coconut and Several Other Exotic and Niche Fruits Grown In India. Fresh CVegetables : Baby Corn, Okra, Dudhi (Bottle Gourd), Hot Pepper ( Chillies), Baby Aubergines, Gourds and Others. Top Agri Company to work with, Agricultural ExpoAssorted Vegetables : Offering Full Range Of Asian / Indian Vegetables Such As Karela, (Bitter Gourd), Baby Aubergines, Drumsticks, Guwar, (Cluster Beans), Haldi (Turmeric), Yams, Arvi (Indian Eddoes), Onions, Amla, (Indian Gooseberry) and Others. Also Offering In Frozen Format. Its Own farming operations, tightly integrated contractFresh Cuts : Pomegranates Arils, Coconuts Chunks. own freight forwarding and customs clearance operations and a dTop Agri Company to work with, Agricultural Exports, Horticulture, Contract Farming, Bhagwa, Agriventure, and its operations. Kay Bee Exports has securIts Own farming operations, tightly integrated contract farming production, fleet of 70+ vehicles, own freight forwarding and customs clearance operations and a distribution company in the UK has helped Kay Bee bring in a lot of sustainability and effective quality control in its operations. It has won five consecutive export awards and is a government Kay Bee Exports has secured a CRISIL 1A (highest possible for SMEs) credit rating for 6 years in a row. Kay Bee.s farm operations and contraIt has won five consecutive export awards and is a government recognised export house. is certified to BRC Grade A (highest possible). Kay Bee.s farm operations and contract production are certified to Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and packhouse is certified to BRC Grade A (highest possible). Group: Kay Bee Group

Supplier of:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Cereals and pseudo cereals
  • Corn/maize...

Stallone Overseas Private Limited

Manufacturer and Exporter of Platters, Candle Light Holders, T - Light Holders, Flower Pots, Photo Frames, Ash Trays, Press Stands, Baskets, Boxes, Decorative, Kitchenware, Napkin Rings, Bottle Openers, Fire Set, Fixtures, Shoe Wears, Candle Light Smokers, Trumpets, Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone Altohorn, clarinets, Trombones, Army, Bugle, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Tanpura, Dholak, Nall, Gramophone, Binoculars, Telescopes, Compasses, Ship's Clocks, Ship's Telegraphs, Nautical Sexants, Sand Timers, Theodolites, Surveying Levels, Diving Helmets, Ship's Lamps, Globes, Clinometer, Sailor's Wheel, Ship's Anchor, 100 Year's Calendar, Dividers, Magnifiers, Key Chains, Tea Sets, Pub Wries, Trays and Plates, Ice Cream Set, Cutlery Set, Office Stationary, Bowls, Fruit Dishes, Lemon Sets, Beetle Box, Table Lamp Decoratives, Table Stand Mirror, Indian Bristles, Chinese Bristles, Boar Bristles, Pig Hair, Cow Tail Hair, Hog Hair, Synthetic Hair, Paint Brushes, Roller Brushes, Shaving Brushes, Artist Brushes, House Hold Brushes, Nylon Brushes, Iron Handicrafts, Fruit Bowls, Planters, Lanterns, Fire Set Decoratives, Wooden Handicrafts, Walking Sticks, Games, Daraj & Almiraj, Incense Burner, Ash trays, Posters,Wooden Hangers, Hotel & Kitchen Ware, Candle Stands, Tie Box, Nautical Wheel, Key Cabinet, Cross, Bible/Quran/Geeta Box, Lamp, Bangle Stand, Rugs & Mats, Door Mats, Prayer Rugs, Kids Mats, Animal Design Rugs, Telephone Rugs, Sign Creation Mats, Yoga Mats, Wall Creation, Designed Rugs, Stallone Carpet, Calligraphy Rug, Brassa Brand Instrument, Army Bigule, Sousaphone, World Timer," Warrior Helmet, Metal Helmet, Antique Brass, Bronze Reproduction". Manufacturer and Exporter of Band & Musical Instruments (Wood Wind & String Instruments), Nautical & Marine Reproduction Instruments, Aluminium Ware, Brass Ware, EPNS, Wooden Handicrafts, Iron Handicrafts, Stone Handicrafts, Rugs & Mats, Bristles & Brushes. Associated Companies: Stallone Overseas (P) Ltd. a) Bristle Division b) Brushes Division c) Handicrafts Division

Supplier of:

  • Kitchen articles and tableware, metal
  • Kitchenware, aluminium
  • Kitchenware, brass...

Mariner Overseas

Exporter of the chemicals, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.About Mariner Overseas:We are the chief Exporter of the Chemicals, Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits located in Khed, Ratnagiri.We majorly deal in Vegetables like Fresh Brinjal, Fresh Capsicum, Fresh Carrot, Fresh Chilli, Fresh Cluster, Fresh Drumstick, Fresh Bottle Gourd, Fresh Green Peas, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Okra, Fresh Parwal, Fresh Red Onion, Fresh Sponge Gourd, Fresh Tindora, Fresh Tomato etc.We majorly deal in Fruits like Fresh Jackfruit, Fresh Mangoes, Fresh Guavas, Fresh Pears, Grapes, Fresh Dargon Fruit, Fresh Lichi, Fresh Papaya etc.Our wide variety of Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits is cultivated in controlled environment by using advanced technology and harmless fertilizers. Furthermore, our Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits can be availed at the market leading prices by the clients.All our Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits are grown in hygienic conditions and are handpicked. They are organically cultivated without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals. These Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits are packed in a quality packaging material so that they stay fresh for a long period of time. In addition Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits are available in customized packaging and at affordable rates. Our wide variety of Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits is cultivated in controlled environment by using advanced technology and harmless fertilizers. Furthermore, our Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits can be availed at the market leading prices by the clients.

Supplier of:

  • Spices and herbs, processed
  • Chillies, red peppers and capsicums, processed
  • Agriculture and forestry...

Shree Export

Manufacturer and Exporters of all type of Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories, Components, Neutral Link, Terminal Bar, Earth Bar, Earth Block, Electrical Connector, Splices, Terminals, Battery Terminal, Battery Connector, Brass Pin, Electric Plug Socket, Brass MCB Part, Control Panel Accessories, Brass Electrical Fitting Accessories, Electronic Connector, Electric Motor Parts, Brass Lamp Holder Parts, Brass HRC Fuse Contacts, Switch Gear Parts, Electrical Switch Part, Brass Panel Board Accessories, Electrical General Components, Electrical TNC Connectors, Brass Power Accessories, Brass Transformer Components, Brass nickel plated 4 way and 8 way Earth Neutral Bars, Neutral Links Earth Block Terminals. Brass Conduit Fittings, Connectors, Doors and window Fittings, Hardware Fittings, Sanitary Fittings, Compressor Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Pump Fittings, Plumbing Fittings, Garden Accessories, Hose Fittings, Industrial Fittings, Agricultural Fittings, Hinges, Hose Connectors, Brass Clamp, Brass Tank Connector, Brass Water Tank Fittings, Brass Hook, Rope End, Brass Eye Plate, Earthing Components and Accessories, Copper Bonded Earth Grounding Rods, Grounding Connector, Earthing Accessories, Ground Clamp, Earth Points, Terminal Bases, Square Tape Clamp, Tape Clip, U Bolt Clamp, Rod to Tape A Clamp, Braid Bond and other accessories, DC Tape Clip, Rod to Tape Clamp, Square Tape Clamp, Test Bond, Test Clamp, Terminal Base, Flat Saddle, Hex Coupler, Rod to Cable Lug Clamp, Rod to Tape Clamp, Rod to Cable Clamp, Wiping Gland, Brackets, Saddles, Brass Auto Parts, Sheet Metal Parts, Highly Precision Parts, Brass Cable Gland Accessories, A2 Cable Gland, BW Cable Gland, BW 2 Part / 4 Part Cable Gland, BWR Cable Gland, BW 4 Part Cable Gland, CW Cable Gland, CW 3 Part, E1W Brass Cable Gland, Alco Cable Gland, PG Cable Gland, CXT Cable Gland, Marine Cable Gland, Wiping Gland, Elbows, Hooks, Cable and Wiring Accessories, Brass Earthing Tag,Brass Screw, MS Screw, SS Screw, Grub Screw, Head Screw, Slotted Screw, Brass Machine Screw, Brass Socket Cap Screw, Nut, Square Nuts, Locking Nuts, Dome Nuts, Hex Rivet Nut, Wing Nuts, Square Head Bolts, Eye Bolt, Screw Fasteners, Washers, Rivet, Bolt, Spilt Bolt, Connector, Turned Parts, Pressed Parts, High Tensile Fasteners, Spacers, Stand off, Threaded Fasteners, Studs, Pillars, Anchor Fasteners, Flanges. Electrical Wiring Accessories

Supplier of:

  • Plastic products for the mechanical engineering industry
  • Plastic products
  • Threaded inserts, plastic...
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