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Shiv Shakti Earthmovers

Manufacturers and Exporters of Earthmoving Spare Parts, Hydraulic Pumps, Control Valve, Bolts and Nuts, Slew Shaft & Pinion, Outer Leg, Toe Plate, Carriage Slide Shift, Slew Lock, Steel Bushes, Spring Bushes, Bucket, Side Cutter, Double Flange Side Cutter, LeverLlink, Tipping Lever, Tipping Link, Cabin, Bronze Bushes, Pivot Pins, Dipper Assembly, Air Cleaner Assembly, Engine Radiator, Filler Neck, Fan, Exhaust Silencer, Water Pumps, Exhaust Manifold Adaptor, A C Adaptor, Filters (Air), Filters (Oil), Oil Cooler Pipes, Injector Pipes, Element Primary, Element Secondary, Pre-Cleaner Glasses, Breathers, Hose Bends, Fuel Pipes, Leak Off Pipe, Loader Valve Console, Excavator Valve Console, Cables, Steering Console, Head Light, Indicator Light, Rocker Switch, Solenoid Valve, Harness, Relays, Gauges, Gearset, Crown Wheel Pinion, Track Rod, Front Hub Bearings, Master Cylinder, Brake Pipes, Carrier, Planetary Hub, Break Piston Housing, Rear Casing, Housing, Fly Wheel, Front Casing, Clutch Housing, Synchroniser Assembly, Flange Yoke, Axle Shaft, Gear Annulus Ring, Gear Planet, Carrier Annulus, Sun Gear, Torque Convertor, Wheel Rim (Rear), Main Shaft, Lay Shaft, Transfer Gear, Taper Roller Bearing, Transmission Gear, Friction & Counter Plates, Disc Spring, Transmission Piston, Rear Drive Shaft, Pump Drive Shaft, Ball Joint, Universal Joints, Steering Rod, Steering Valve, Seal Kit, Steering Coupling, Castle Nuts, Adaptors, Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Ram Rods, Cylinders - Hydraulic, Cylinders - Slew, Cylinders - Hydra Clamp, Feed Pipes, Hydraulic Ram Assembly, Cooler, Head and Covers, Pistons, Seals, Mountings, Lynch Pins, Plugs and Caps, Knobs, Springs, Grease Nipples, Gaskets, Washers, Washers - Thrust, Washers - Tab, Filter Elements, Sunction Strainers, Bearings - Needle Roller, Bearings - Taper Roller, Bearings - Thrust

Supplier of:

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Valves, metal, for the motor vehicle industry
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by use...

Bevcon Wayors Private Limited

Manufacturers And Exporters Of 1. Coal Handling Plant, Fuel Handling Plant, Bio-mass Handling Plant, Bagasse Handling Plant, 2. Material Handling Equipments 3. Raw Material Handling Plant / System 4. Bulk Material Handling System 5. Pneumatic Conveying System 6. Ash Handling Systems 7. Dust Extraction System + Dust Suppression System + Bag Filters 8. Aerobelt Conveyor 9. Vibrating Screen OR Oscillating Technology (Simply Vibrating Screens OR Screens) a..Circular Motion Screens b.Linear Motion Screen c.Sizer OR Sizer Machine d.Distribution Feeder e.De-watering Screen f.De-stoner Screen 10.Crusher / Crushing Technology / Crushing Equipments a.Impact Crusher / Impactor b.Hammer Mill c.Double Roll Crusher / Roll Crusher d.Ring Granulator e.Jaw Crusher f.Cone Crusher 11. Vibrating Feeder / Vibratory Feeder a.Vibro Feeder b.Feeder 12.Steep Angle Covneyor a.Cleated Belt Conveyor b.Pocket Belt Conveyor c.90 Degree Steep Angle Conveyor / High Angle Conveyor 13.Sandwich Belt Conveyor / Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor 14.Skid Mounted Coal Handling Plant 15.Shell Dome Stacker & Recalimer 16.Linear Stacker & Recalimer 17.Conveyors a.Belt Conveyor b.Drag Chain Conveyor / Enmass Chain Covneyor c.Roller Conveyor / Powerised Roller Conveyor d.Screw Conveyor e.Wet Scrapper Conveyor / Submerged Chain Conveyor / Submerged Scrapper Conveyor 18.Ash Conditioner 19.Rotaty Air Valve / Rotary Air Lock 20.Bucket Elevator 21.Stacker Reclaimer Pneumatic Conveying, crushing, screening, dust collections systems Bulk material handling systems for power projects Flip Flow Screens Pneumatic Conveying Systems Bulk Material Handling Process Systems Stacker Reclaimer Double Roll Crushers Bagasse Handling Plant Bio-mass Handling Plant Material Handling Equipments Raw Material Handling Plant / System Bulk Material Handling System. Pneumatic Conveying System. Ash Handling Systems. Aerobelt Conveyor Distribution Feeder De-watering Screen De-stoner Screen Crushing Technology / Crushing Equipments Double Roll Crusher / Roll Crusher Ring Granulator Vibrating Feeder / Vibratory Feeder /Vibro Feeder Steep Angle Covneyor Cleated Belt Conveyor Pocket Belt Conveyor 90 Degree Steep Angle Conveyor / High Angle Conveyor Sandwich Belt Conveyor / Snake Sandwich Belt Conveyor Skid Mounted Coal Handling Plant Shell Dome Stacker & Reclaimer Linear Stacker & Recalimer Belt Conveyor Drag Chain Conveyor / Enmass Chain Covneyor Roller Conveyor / Powerised Roller Conveyor Screw Conveyor Wet Scrapper Conveyor / Submerged Chain Conveyor / Submerged Scrapper Conveyor Ash Conditioner Rotaty Air Valve / Rotary Air Lock Bucket Elevator Associated Companies: Bevcon Wayors Inc

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Cane, wicker, straw and rush products
  • Panels and screens, osier/willow...

PTC Drivelines

PTC Drivelines Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Steel Forged Components like "Self Lubricated" Universal Joints & Propeller Shafts For Use In Automobiles, Earthmoving Equipments, & Diesel Locomotives. We are well equipped with Quality Control / Testing facilities and skilled workforce. The raw materials used are made of High Quality Alloy Steel Forgings, processed at World Quality Standards, for Product Reliability. Drive Shafts are dynamically balanced as per Balance Grade G16 ISO 1940. PTC Drivelines contributes its major strength in bringing a wide range of Innovative - Maintenance-free(Self Lubricated) type AutoComponents for all types of Off-Highway Earthmoving Equipments & Diesel Locomotives, as Spares in After Sales Market. 1). Self Lubricated. (Maintenance free) C type Universal Joints / Journal Cross & Bearings / Spider Assemblies , TO JOINT SIZES 5C, 6C, 9C, 9.5C, 10C, 10.5C, 12C, 14C, 15C, W12, W18, W38C.ETC. 2) Cardan Shafts / Propeller Shafts / Drive Shafts / Universal Joint Assemblies. / SLIP JOINT GPS. PTC Products are user friendly , designed for Sealed and Self locked Bearing cups to arrive at Maintenance free Operation and have excellent Field Performance , without re-lubrication . PTC products are OEM Test Certified for Quality and Fitment for the Joint sizes 5C, 6C, 9C, 10C, 10.5C, 12C, 14C, 15C, W12, W18, W38 , etc. APPLICATIONS: PTC Products meet the requirements for Dumpers, Bulldozers, Pay Loaders, Diesel Locomotives for the equipments of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex, Dresser, International Harvester , Eaton, Clark, Case, John Deere, Hitachi Wabco, Hyundai , M.F. make models. PTC is well Equipped with Machineries, skilled workmen, and Quality Control Systems. Products: Universal Joints Assys, With Slip, Non Slip and With Center Plate.

Supplier of:

  • Shaft couplings for industrial use
  • Shaft couplings, universal joint/cardan joint, ball type
  • Shaft couplings, universal joint/cardan joint, constant velocity (CV)...
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