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Avenir Management Services Private Limited

Avenir is a result oriented, 100% delivery focused management consulting company working with its clients to significantly increase cash flow and profits and sustain the same over a long time frame making the so called .business cycle. irrelevant. Through application of Theory of Constraints (as propounded by Dr. Eli Goldratt), we are able to guarantee substantial improvement in liquidity within weeks of starting the assignment in addition to the bottom-line. But this does not restrict Avenir from using any methodology that may help your organization grow, whatever it takes. The ultimate Goal of a company is to make money. We help companies just doing that. Our consultants have been trained by institutions led by Dr. Goldratt himself and worked internationally in partnership with same institutions to deliver unprecedented results both in the bottom and top line. We also provide consulting in the area of Security Solutions and Services to clients such as: Government - Non Government Organizations, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Railways, VIP Protection, Oil and Refinery, Large Corporate, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls etc. And also provide management consultancy for new Product Development. Avenir delivers Master Coach , a performance improvement program- by Trinity Horne. Associated Companies: , Avenir Enter Ltd. is a unique company providing support and advice to enter and set-up business in India. Deep knowledge and understanding of Indian Business.

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