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Radiant Polymers Private Limited

1. Specialists in Molding of Engineering Plastics, Related Sub Assemblies & Mold Making. 2. Expertise in Gear Molding, Insert Molding & Over Molding for various applications 3. Plastic Automotive Parts i.e. Plastic Gears, Automatic Transmission Parts ( Roller Weights, Piece Slide), Auto Electrical Parts ( Alternator Parts, Terminal Assembly, Bobbins, Insulators, Case Magnet, Spacer Magnet), Steering Parts ( Screw Rack Damper, Collapsible Steering Parts, Capsule Retainer), Wiper Motor Gears, Oil Pump Gears, Radiator Fans, Fan Shrouds, Radiator Tanks, Air Filter Assembly, Automobile Headlamp Bases, Automotive Interior Parts (Fascia), Door Latch Parts, Parts for Window Regulators, Wiper Blades. 4. Plastic Components for Electrical Industry viz. Circuit Breaker Parts, ELCB Bases, Main Housing for ELCB Base, Contact Carriers, MCB Latches, MCB Pushers. 5. Parts for CFL or Parts for Compact Fluorescent Lamps or Parts for Energy Saving Lamps, Plastic Caps, Plastic Sockets for Single Core Lamps, Double Core Lamps, Triple Core Lamps, Integrals, Electronic Lamps, Spiral Lamps. 6. Plastic Components for Electronics Industry viz. Radio Frequency Indentification Tags (RFID Tags), Plastic Cover for Stereo, Front Plastic Panel for Speakers. 7. Plastic Containers for Paint, Oil, Lubricant and Chemical Industries. 8. Plastic Components for Bicycle Industry viz. Bicycle Wheel Assembly, Bicycle Basket, Bicycle Mudguard 9. Pistons for Pneumatic Compressors 10. Design and Manufacture of Plastic Injection Molds. 11. Assemblies of Plastic Parts with Rubber Molded Parts, Sheet Metal Parts, Blow Molded Parts, Stampings Die Cast Parts, Plastic Sintered Parts etc.

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
  • Components, industrial, glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), to customer specification
  • Cabinets and enclosures, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), for electrical and electronic components...

Galco Extrusions Private Limited

Galco Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. - (A unit of Galco Group of Industries) An ISO 9001:2008, 14001, 18001 Certified Companys, aluminum pipes and aluminium extruded products like aluminium scaffolding section, aluminium heat sink section, aluminium fencing seLeading Manufacturers and Exporters of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles, Aluminium Extruded Sections, Aluminum Pipes and Aluminium Extruded Products, aluminium heat sink section, aluminium for motor body, casting a Range Of Aluminium Extruded Profiles : Aluminium Scaffolding Section, Aluminium Heat Sink Section, Aluminium Fencing Section, Aluminium AHU Sections, Aluminium Heat Sink, Aluminium Moulding Profile, Aluminium Architectural, Aluminium Heat Exchanger Tubes, Aluminium Heat Sink Section, Aluminium For Motor Body, Casting Aluminium Motor Body, Aluminium For Shutters, Aluminium AC Grill. Our Aluminum Range Consists Of The Following Product : Aluminum Architectural Section Aluminum Structural Glazing Aluminium Heat Sink Sections Aluminium Decorative Sections Aluminium Electrical Sections Aluminum Scaffolding / Formwork Sections Aluminium Industrial Sections Aluminium Transport / Bus Body Aluminium Photo Frame Sections Aluminium Square Bars Aluminum Flat Bars Aluminum Rods Aluminum Tubes Sections Aluminium Equal Angles Aluminium Radiator / Heat Exchanger / Regeneration Tubing Aluminium AC Grill Section / Air Diffusers Aluminium Solar System Frames Aluminum Photovoaltic Solar Profile Aluminum Green House Aluminum Sun Breakers Aluminium Rolling Shutters Aluminium Motor Body Aluminum Modular Furniture Aluminium Modular Kitchen Racks / Frames / Cabinets Aluminium Robot Fencing Aluminium Awnings Aluminium Sign Stop & Display Aluminium Pneumatic Cylinders Aluminium Partitions Aluminium Sliding Windows Aluminium Casement / Openable Windows Aluminium Glazing System Aluminium Sub Frame Aluminium Thrash Holds Head Beam / Head Rail Aluminium Air Handling Aluminium Hardware Aluminium Shop Flints Aluminium Venation Blinds Aluminium Louvers Aluminium Partition Doors Aluminium Sliding Window Aluminium Solar Panel

  • Paper and board
  • Packagings, paper and cardboard, for food products
  • Cones, aluminium lined paper, for ice creams...
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