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Art D Inox

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Home Decor Items Which Includes Wave T-Light Holder, T-Light Holder, Triangular Vase With Blue Felt, Landscape Bud Vase With Yellow Felt, Landscape Bud Vase With Green Felt, Landscape Bud Vase With Blue Felt, Rectangular Bud Vase With Yellow Felt, Rectangular Bud Vase With Green Felt, Rectangular Bud Vase With Blue Felt And SS Hammered Vase Small & Bar Accessories Which Includes Ribbed Cocktail Shaker, Ribbed Bar Tool Set, Bar Tool Set A Design, Bar Accessories Set Of 5 With CS, Ribbed Ash Tray, Ash Tray A Design, Ribbed Coaster Set, Ribbed Nut Bowl, Beer Mug Set Of 2 And Ribbed Ice Bucket. Dining Range Which Includes Tea Spoon Small Set Of 4, Cut Out Tray, Ribbed Tray, Rectangular Tray W/Wooden Handle, Rectangular Serving Tray, Deep Tray Large, Tray Rectangular Wooden Handle, Flower Fruit Bowl Small, Flower Fruit Bowl Large And Dinner Set & Beverage Range Which Includes Tea Spoon Large Set Of 4, Creamer, Spherical Tea Pot Small, Mugs With Ss Ring Bottom Set/2 Green, Mug Holder, Ceramic Cup USSR Horse Round Set Of 2, Washington Cup S/O 4, TRANS OPAQUE OCEAN GLASS CUP, Tea Cup, Saucer And Spoon And Mugs With Ss Ring Bottom Yellow Set Of 2 & Bath Accessories Which Includes Plain cotton, Ribbed Bath Set, Onyx Napkin Box Holder, Tooth Brush Holder, Onyx Cotton Swab Jar, Onyx Tooth Brush Holder, Onyx Ear Bud Jar, Onyx Soap Dispenser And Soap Dispenser-1 & Office Accessories Which Includes Business Card Stand, Paper Weight, , Pen Stand Curved-2, Strata Pen Stand And Memo Pad Holder.

Supplier of:

  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Kitchen articles and tableware, metal
  • Kitchenware, aluminium...

Orient Ceramics

Manufacturer and Exporters of Differenr Types of Ceramic Components. Products Used for Applications: Ceramic Engine, Gas Turbine Engines, Ceramic Knives, Ballistic Armored Vests, Small-arms Protective Inserts & Orthopedic Implants. Product Details: Ceramic Filter- Comparison of (Foam Filters - Extruded Ceramic Cellular Filters & Pressed Ceramic Cellular Filters) High Tech Engineering Ceramic- Simplex Insulations and Tubelex Insulators that are used for Thermocouple Head, Ceramic Boats, Big Base, Small Base and Resistance Housing Insulators used in Electronic Insulators, Six Hole Insulators, Terminals, Ceramic Pipes used as heat Elements in Heaters, Ceramic Ferrules for Sted Welding in FEC Boilers. Insulators: Cell Insulators for support of Automotive Batteries, Telephone and in Railways, Bull Dog Insulators, Shackle Insulators, Reel Insulators which is used in EOT Cranes, Electrical Insulators. Tower Packing: Saddles, Raschig Rings, Honey Comb Rings. Grinding Media / Mill Lining Bricks: Application Area: Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware, White Cement, Ceramic Glazing Colors, Paint Industries, Glass Industries. Gating Systems Tubes: This Import Substitution has found Large Application in Textile Machinery Manufacturing Companies. Surgical Gloves Former: We also Manufacture Porcelain Jars that are used for Grinding Paint, Latex Ceramics and Sugar Industries. Textile Guides: Some of these Ceramic Items are as Follows: Log Guide, Standard Guide, J-Huck, Rollers, Two way, Three way, Ten way Guides, Eyelex, Bobbins, Runner Guides. Strainer Core: Variable Porosity, Uniform Porosity, Uniform Porosity.

Supplier of:

  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical
  • Prostheses, medical
  • Implants, intraocular...
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