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Arpit International Private Limited

Manufacturer & Exporters of Brass Copper and Stainless Steel Components Turned Parts, Brass Fasteners, Brass inserts, (SOL.BRASS ANCHOR), Screws Machine, Parts, Cable Accessories - Brass and Copper Fittings Cable Glands, Clamps, Ties, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Conduct Fittings, Wires and Cables, Copper Cable Lugs. Terminal Ends, Fasteners - Screws, Bolts, Washer, Nuts, Turned Parts, Pressed Sheet Metal Parts, Flexible Conduits, Brass Connectors, Adapters, Pipe Brackets, Pressings, Components, Pressed Components, Stamped, Precision Components, Switchgear Accessories Parts, Control Panel Components, Earthing Accessories, Plumbing Fittings, Neutral Bars, Earth Blocks, Terminal Blocks, Ground Rod Clamps, Pipe Clamp, Sanitary Fittings, Hose Fittings, Earthing Clamps, Earth Grounding Rods, Lugs, Terminals, Battery Terminals, Brass Anchors, Expansion Anchors. Brass Pillars, Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings, Metric Nuts, Clamps, Jam Nuts, Panel Nuts, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Flanges, Lock Nuts, Panel Nuts, Jam Nuts, Conduit Fittings, Terminal Blocks, Neutral Links Bars, Earthing Rods, Grounding Rods, Lugs, Copper Terminals, Compression Tube Fittings, Flare Fittings, Machined and Turned Barbed Fittings, Dome / Cap Nuts, Concrete Anchors, Springs. Brass Sockets, Plugs, Pins, Lamp Parts, Chicago Screws, Pipe and Tube Fittings, Galvanized Clamps, Stainless Steel Wires, Rods, Flanges, Couplings, Pipe Fitting. Brass Hose Nipples, Stainless Steel Fittings, Compression Fitting, Nuts, Nipples, Conductor Fixings, Molding Nuts Inserts, Eye Bolts, Injection Molding Accessories, Ferrules, Bushes, Plugs, Connectors, Heating Components, Non - Ferrous Components, Gunmetal Bronze Casting. Copper and Bronze Castings, Pipe Nipples, Wood Screws, Binding Screws, Studs, Threaded Rods, Lock Nuts, Full Nuts, Fastener Products, Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, India, NOT Fittings, Copper Strips, Molding Inserts, Stainless Steel Machined Component s, Audio - Video Connectors and Adapters, Brass Wall Anchors & Brass Battery Terminals (Auto Parts).

  • Paper and board
  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing
  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for drawing and writing...

Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation Limited

APTPC has 4 Fuctional Divisions: 1. Trade Promotion 2. Logistics 3. Paper Products and 4. Insurance. 1)Sale of "LEPAKSHI NANDI" Brand Exercise Note Books and Customised Note Books Including Export Variety. 2) Management of Air Cargo Complexes in Hyderabad & Vizag 3)Hire Purchase Scheme to Government Employees 4)Distributors / Suppliers / Dealers for Selected Commodities 5) Import of Equipments / Articles / Items on behalf of Government Organizations and Direct Imports 6)Clearing & Forwarding Works at Port Towns 7)Export of Agricultural Commodities 8)Development of Gem & Jewellery Park 9)Development of Agri Export Zone in Chittoor District of setting up Cold Storage Plant and Aseptic Packing Unit etc 10)Corporate Agents for General Insurance with United India Insurance Company Ltd and for Life Insurance with Life Insurance Corporation of India. A State Government Undertaking set up to Execute all kinds of Financial and Trading Operations. It undertakes Domestic Marketing in Selective Goods and Commodities. It is Engaged in Import of Goods and Commodities for Government Departments and Undertakings. It is also Promoting Exports from the State of Andhra Pradesh. 'The Corporation has been Certified under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards for two of its activities - Note Books and Air Cargo Complex Objectives : 1.To Carry on Services and Execute all kinds of Financial, Trading & other Operations. 2.To Undertake Domestic Marketing / Internal Trading in Selective Goods and Commodities from Time to Time. 3.To make Import of such Goods and Commodities for Actual Users and Government Departments / Undertakings etc. 4.To Promote Exports from the State of A.P. Export of Grapes, Eggs, Red Dried Chillies, Rice, Mangoes and Iron ore are Taken Place. Import of Garlic, Timber, Poultry Medicines are Taken Place. Recently Expoted Iron ore to China.

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