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Waghmare & Company

Provides Professional Services viz, Accounts writing & finalization Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly as per the requirement of clients. INTERNAL / STATUTORY/ TAX / SYSTEM Audit Professionally Qualified Staff for handling the audit assignments for clients having SAP/ERP/ORACLE systems of Book Keeping. Registrar Of Companies/ Firms Matters: Formation of Company, DIN Applications, Digital Signature, Filing of Annual Accounts with ROC, Preparation of Deeds, Partnership Agreements, Trust Deeds, etc., Registration of Partnership Deeds with Registrar of Firms, etc. Taxation Consultancy- Income Tax Matters- Tax Planning, Filing of Income Tax Returns, PAN Application service, Income Tax Assessment, Scrutiny, Appeals plus VALUE ADDED SEVICES. Sales Tax/ VAT/ Excise/ Customs/ Service Tax/ Professional Tax- Registration with Authorities, Filing of Returns periodically and in time, Assessment, Audits, Appeals, etc. Project Financing Reports, stock verification, other certifications, Loan processing matters with banks, etc. Consultancy for Foreign Remittances Transactions viz. Compliances with form 15CA & 15CB along with the professional advice on DTAA related matters, formation of agreements for the foreign remittances transaction entered into with the Associated Enterprises by the Indian firm and company, etc. HR RELATED MATTERS Provident Fund & E.S.I.C. related matters. OTHER SERVICES Shop & Establishment License Procedure, MLWF Registration Services, Trade License, Factory License, SSI Registration, Labour Laws, etc. DIGITAL SIGNATURE We are providing Digital Signature for Class II and Class III at best rate. intellectuals Property Rights, (TM, ®, ©, PATENT, DESIGN, ISO, VAT, SERVICE TAX, NGO, TRUST, SOCIETY, PROPRIETOR SHIP FIRM REGISTRATION, PARTNERSHIP FIRM REGISTRATION, PVT.LTD, LTD, IEC, PAN, PF, 80G ESI, TIN TAN, SSI, Auditing, direct & indirect Taxation, company Law Mater, Secretarial Service, each step in its corporate existence has taken a step.

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