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Goldstar Brass Industries

Goldstar Brass Industries

An ISO 9001-2018 Certified Company: A Professionally Managed Company WiA Professionally Managed Company With 25 Years Of Rich Experience. Leading Manufacturer & Exporter OLeading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Complete Range Of Quality Brass Turned Parts , All Types Of Brass And Other Metal Parts Like Hardware, Auto Electric And Electronic Parts. We Also Make All Types Of Brass Parts As Per Customer.s Specifications. Range Of ProducRange Of Products : Brass Flare Fittings : 45 Degree FBrass Flare Fittings : 45 Degree Flare Elbow , Brass Flare Branch Tee , Brass Flare Elbow Union , Brass Flare Short Nut , Flare Elbow Union , Flare Female Connector , Flare Long Nut , Flare Male Branch Tee , Flare Male Connector , Flare Union , Flare Union Tee. Brass Compression FittinBrass Compression Fittings : Brass Branch Tee , Brass Compression Male Connector , Brass Elbow Union , Brass Female Connector , Brass Male Elbow Connector , Brass Nut , Brass Sleeve , Brass Tee Union , Compression Male Branch Tee , Compression Male Elbow Connector , Compression Union , Compression Union Elbow , Compression Union Tee. Brass Hose Fittings : Brass Hose Fittings : Female Hose Nipple , Joining Nipple , Male Barb Nipple , Male Hose Nipple , Single Barb Male Elbow , Tee Joint. Brass Anchor Fittings :Brass Anchor Fittings : Anchor Fitting Components , Brass Pool Cover Anchor. Brass Air Brake Fittings : Air Brake Brass Air Brake Fittings : Air Brake Hose Connector , Air Brake Hose Connector Assembly , Air Brake Hose Connector Body , Air Brake Hose Nut , Hose Nut With Spring , Air Brake Hose Sleeve , Air Brake Hose Union , Air Brake Union Assembly. Brass Pipe Fittings : 45 Degree Street Elbow , 90 Degree Brass FemalBrass Pipe Fittings : 45 Degree Street Elbow , 90 Degree Brass Female Elbow BSP , Brass Adapter NPT , Brass Cap Nut NPT , Brass Close Nipple NPT , Brass Female Cross BSP , Brass Female Coupling NPT , Brass Female Pipe Tee NPT , Brass Hex Nipple BSPT , Brass Hex Socket BSP , Brass Long Nipple NPT , Brass M-F Street Elbow NPT , Brass Reducing Bush BSP , Brass Stop Pipe Plug NPT , Copper-Pipe , Brass Socket Pipe Plug , Brass Street Run Tee. Brass Fitting Assembly : Brass Branch Tee AsseBrass Fitting Assembly : Brass Branch Tee Assembly (BSPT) , Brass Elbow Union Assembly , Brass Female Connector Assembly , Brass Female Elbow Connector Assembly , Brass Male Connector Assembly , Brass Male Elbow Connector Assembly , Brass Tee Union Assembly , Brass Union Assembly. Brass Turned Components : Brass Turned Component , CircularBrass Turned Components : Brass Turned Component , Circular Turned Component , Drain Valve , Hexagonal Turned Component , Output Stud , Precision Turned Component. Brass Cable Glands, Brass BBrass Cable Glands, Brass BW 2 Parts Cable Glands, Brass CW Cable Glands, Brass A2 Type Cable Glands, Brass CXT Cable Glands, Brass Metric, Strain Relief Cable Glands, Brass PG Cable Glands, Brass Thread Enlargers Adapters Converters, Brass PG Threaded Stop Plugs, Brass Metric Lock Nuts, Brass BW3 Parts Cable Glands, Brass CX Type Cable Glands, Brass E1W Cable Glands, Brass Marine Cable Glands, Brass Cable Glands Accessories, Brass Wiping Cable Glands, Brass Metric Stop Plugs Blind Stops Brass Bolts, Hex Bolts, Lag Bolts, Carriage BoltsBrass Bolts, Hex Bolts, Lag Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Connector Bolts, Toilet Bolts, Door Bolts, Brass Nuts, DIN 934 Nuts, Brass Lock Nuts Heavy Hex Jam Nuts, DIN 439 Brass Lock Nuts, BraHeavy Hex Jam Nuts, DIN 439 Brass Lock Nuts, Brass Spacer Nuts, Brass Wing nuts, Brass Square Nuts, Brass Metric Nuts, Acorn Nuts Brass Insert Nuts Brass, DIN 557 Square Nuts, Brass BrInsert Nuts Brass, DIN 557 Square Nuts, Brass Bronze Copper Casting, Sand Casting, Brass Hose Barb Fittings, Elbow Hose Barbs, Straight Hose Barbs Tee Hose Barbs, Brass Flare Fittings, Flare Plug, Long FlTee Hose Barbs, Brass Flare Fittings, Flare Plug, Long Flare Nut, Flare Union Tee, Flare cap, Flare Union, Brass Flare Short Nut, Flare Union Tee Male Flare Elbow, Brass Copper Washers, Brass Washers, Stainless StMale Flare Elbow, Brass Copper Washers, Brass Washers, Stainless Steel Washers, Aluminum Washers and Pressed Components Machined Washers, Copper Washers, Bronze Washers, SpriMachined Washers, Copper Washers, Bronze Washers, Spring Washers, Wave Washers, Brass Turned Components Parts, Brass CNC Turned Parts CNC Machined Components Parts, Precision Turned Components BraCNC Machined Components Parts, Precision Turned Components Brass, Brass Screw Machine Parts, Brass Turned Parts Bronze Turned Machined Parts ComponentsBronze Turned Machined Parts Components, Brass Precision Parts, Swiss Screw Machine Products Brass, Copper Turned Machined Parts Components Brass Anchors Fasteners, Pool Cover Anchors, BBrass Anchors Fasteners, Pool Cover Anchors, Brass Drop in Anchors, Brass Wood Anchors, Brass Expansion Anchors, Brass Concrete Anchors Brass Wedge Anchors, Brass Anchor Bolts, Brass Threaded Brass Wedge Anchors, Brass Anchor Bolts, Brass Threaded Rod Studs, Brass Machine Screws, Brass Eyelets Hexagon head screws, Hexagon head screws, hexagon socket head screws, metric screws with pan head raised countersunk or countersunk. Countersunk metric screws, other metric screws, sheet metal screws, self-drilling TEX screws, tapping screws, and other assortments of screws, construction timber head screws. Hex nuts, self-locking nuts, tension nutHex nuts, self-locking nuts, tension nuts and other assortments of nuts, Plugs, and lubricators Wide assortment of plugs - plugs with hexagon socket, plugs with Wide assortment of plugs - plugs with hexagon socket, plugs with hexagon socket, collar, fine thread, Washers, washers and circlip, Lock washers, flat washers, spring washers, toothed and fan washers, other washers, NORD-LOCK washers, star washers, snap rings, snap ring rings, spacer snap rings. Brass Neutral Link, Brass Neutral Bar, Brass Neutral Line, Brass Earthing Link, Brass Earthing Bar, Brass Earthing Line.

  • Metals and semi-finished products for electronic and electrical use
  • Basic metal products
  • Copper and alloyed copper sections, electrical...

Om Sons International

Manufacturers and Exporters of Combination Open & Box End Spanners, Combination Open & Box End Spanners Raised Panels, Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners, Double Ended Open Jaw Spanners, Long Patterns, Pliers & Wrenches, Carpenter Tools, Miscellaneous Tools, Garden Tools, Trailor Parts, Hutchens Equalizer and Bushing, Hatchens Torque Arm, Hutchens Axle Attaching Parts, Hutchens Spring Hangers Parts, Hutchens Torque Arm Bushing / Equalizer Bushing, Hutchens Torque Arm Bolts and Hardware, Hutchens Equalizer Bolt Kit, Fruehauf Torque Arms & Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf Equalizer Bushing Assembly, Fruehauf "F" Series Axle Attaching Parts, Fruehauf Equalizer & Bushing Assembly, Reyco Equalizer Bushing Assemblies, Reyco Torque Arm Bushing, Reyco Equalizer, Reyco Equalizer Arms, Trial Mobile Suspension Parts, Trail Mobile Torque Arms, Trail Mobile Suspension Parts, Hendrickson Torque Rod Brackets, Hendrickson Turner Suspension Parts, Hendrickson Equalizer Beam Parts, Hendrickson Equalizer Bushing Kits, Mack Suspension Parts, Fasteners, Hub Bolts & Bolts, Center Bolts, Center Bolts, Shackle Kits, Brackets, Stamped Washers, Misc Nuts, Oil Expellers, Round Kettle Oil Expellers, Long Kettle Oil Expellers, Double Gear Oil Expellers, Baby Boilers, Filter Press, Oil Refinery, Copra Cutter, Seed Cleaner, Seed Cracker, Groundnut Decorticator, Feeding Elevator, Residue Conveyor, Boiler, Expeller Spares, Pressing Worms And Collars, Hard Face Worms, Lining Bars / Cage Bars, Worm Shafts, Well Fabricated Chambers, Cone Points, Precision Gears, Helical Gears, Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Scaffoldings :- Swivel Coupler Pressed, Double Coupler Pressed, Putlog Standard Pressed, Swivel Coupler, Swivel Coupler (HD), Putlog Coupler - 1 Single Coupler, Putlog Coupler - 1 Single Coupler, Roofing Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Swivel Coupler (Light Weight) Pressed, Double Coupler (Light Wt.) Pressed, Stairtread Bracket, Toe Board Clip, Gravloere Girder Coupler, Fencing Coupler, Top Board Bracket Coupler Pressed, Universal Clamp, Swivel Coupler Drop Forged, Double Coupler (Drop Forged), Put Log Coupler Forged Cap, Supa Tie Type-1 (Drop Forged Dressed), Scaffolding Spanner, Water Stoper, Jack Nut (Drop Forged), Rossettle Pressed, Rossettle Clamp (Casting), Wing Nut (Drop Forged), Top Cup, Tie Bar, Ledgers/Guardrails, Joint Pin Standard, Drop Head, Rapid Clamp, Biomass Briquetting Plant :- Agro/ Forest Waste Briquetting Plant, Air Freshers & Household Cleaners, Mosquito Repellants, Walnut Powder / Almond Powder.

  • Chemical products
  • Insecticides
  • Insect repellents...

Technical Products Corporation

Technical Products Corporation (TEPCO), 100% Export oriented manufacturing unit, a Govt. of India recognized Star Export House, has gained international reputation for excellence and customer oriented service in exports and manufacturing of various Metal & Plastic items for the last 42 years and has been honoured with various awards for export excellence. Leading Manufacturer and Exporter Unique range of Pool Safety Cover hardware items, Plastic moulded furniture components with and without metal inserts, Fasteners, Welded Metal components, Turned components, Stamped parts vide range of products stand testimony to TEPCO.s international capabilities. TEPCO specializes in developing new products as per buyers drawing / specifications / samples. Pool Safety Cover Hardware Items - Springs Our Spring Are Made From Best Guaranteed Stainless Steel Wires And Have Excellent Load Bearing Capacity. Spring Pushes Back Against The Load And Get Back To Its Original Length. Normal Spring Heavy Duty Springs Springs With Buckles. Brass Anchors Our Brass Anchors/accessories Are Zero Defects With Excellent Load Bearing Capacity And Physical/chemical Properties Conform To International Standards. Miscellaneous Pool Cover Hardware Accessories Tamping Tool Pvc Cover Uv Resistance Four Bar Buckle D-rings P.anchors Installation Tools, Aluminum Lawn Tubes, Aluminum Ground Stakes, Allen Keys, Pvc Sleeves, Winter Plugs, Bungee, Rub Strip, Screen Feet And Brackets Furniture Components - Glides Fixed And Tilt Type Available In Various Colours In Both Metries Andimperial Threads. Studs Available In Bright Zinc Plated. Auto Black, Passivated In Nylon Pp, Ldpe, Hdpe. Knobs Available Male, Female And Through Insert Type Knobs With And Ms Zinc Plated, Auto Black And Passivated With Metric And Imperial Threads In Various Colours Pededtal Foots Fixed And Adjustable Foot With And Without Inserts In Various Colours And Plastic Materials. Cable Ports Bedding Components - Bedding Components Head Board Adjusters Come In A Variety Of Sizes And Profiles And There.s Also A Choice Of Having Flat Ends Or Cone Points. Got Metric And Imperial Options And Both The Wedge And The Star Profiles Have A Integral Slot So They Can Be Adjusted If The Thumbwheel Isn.t That Accessible. Headboard Bolt Star Type Headboard Bolt Wedge Type Corner Block Headboard Washer Castor Socket Lip Corner Flange Corner Front Handle Slider Back Handle Slider Front Slider Plastic Connector Metal Connector Common Guard Pyramid Corner Bed Link Bolt Headboard Toggles Hole Toggles Wedge Chrome Feet Bed Castor Single Wheel Fork Type Castor 35 Mm Twin Wheel Castor 40 Mm Twin Wheel Castors 50 Mm Twin Wheel Castors Base Plate For Castors 120 Mm Cup Cator With Twin Wheel Castors 75 Mm Cup Cator With Fork Type Singlel Castors 120 Mm Cup Cator With Fork Type Singlel Castors Pedestal Feet Pt1 Pedestal Feet Pt4 Wing Bolt Metal U Clip Sofa Frame Guest Bed Bracket Stainless Steel Special Fasteners - Unique Range Of AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel And Carbon Steel Custom Design Fasteners, Wedge Anchors, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Sheet Metal Items, Wall Anchor, Special Bolt With Hex Philip Drive, All Threads, Std Hex Head Bolts, Salf Tapping Screws With Nylon Plug , Stainless Steel Hex Socket Head Sleeve Anchor Expansion Bolt, Fastener Hook, Expansion Bolt, Fastener , Special Bolt With Hex Philip Drive, Internal Tooth Washer, External Tooth Washer, Steel Expamsion Bolt Screw, Umbrella Hexagon Expansion Screws, U Bolts, Hex Nuts, Socket Head Cap Screws, Washers, Long Nuts. Desk Top Screen Brackets, Screen Feet And Brackets - Free Standing Screen Feets. Sheet Metal, Metal Forming And Fabricated Products - Tube Hangers - Hex With Abs / Ppcp Sleeves. Special And Customs Design Fasteners. Associated Companies: Dudaney Tepco Private Limited

  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Fasteners and fixing devices, metal, industrial
  • Fasteners, industrial, high grade alloys...
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