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Fabrics, man-made fibre, for bedlinen
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A.R.Fibtex Private Limited

Manufacturer, Distributer & Exporter of : Fabrics, Home Furnishings & Household Textiles Made Out Of Cotton, Silk, Linen and Polyester. A. Fabrics: 1. Cotton: Grey, Dyed, Woven, Printed and can also give finish such as Water Reppelent, Acrylic, Fire Retardent, Silicon, Pva. Cotton Fabric in different weights are Voil, Poplin, Cambric, Checks, Stripes, Ghingam, Oxford, Duck, Seersucker, Damask, Satin, Herringbone, Jacquard, Dobby, Ribbed, Flannel, Denim, Lace & Crochet. 2. Pure Silk: Pure Silk in Dyed and Textured weave in various designs. It is also produced in combination with natural fibres such as Cotton, Linen, Wool, Spun, Tasser. Silk can be made in combination with Man Made Polyester, Rayon. Silk fabric in different weights are Dupione, Taffeta, Embroidered Fabric, Checks, Stripes, Matka, Noil, Chiffon. Silk Embroidery Fabric is made by Hand and Machine, using Beads, Sequins, Stones, Crystals, Threads and Lurex. 3. Linen: Linen, Cotton/Linen, Dyed, Woven in Checks & Stripe Fabric. 4. Polyester: Fabric in different weights are made out of Man Made Fibres, and also in combination with natural fibres such as Cotton, Pure Silk, Linen. Polyester Fabrics are made in Prints, Organdi, Chiffon, Satin, Burnt Outs, Velvet. B. Home Furnishings & Household Textiles: 5. Cotton Table Linen: Tablecloth, Napkin & Napkin Ring, Terry Face Towel, Bread Napkin, Table Mat & Runner, Coaster, Bread Basket, Bread Bag & Fruit Bag. 6. Cotton Kitchen Linen: Apron, Ovan Mitten, Mitten, Pot Holder, Kitchen Towel, Dish Towel, Tea Cozy, Egg Cozy, Shopping Bag. 7. Cotton And Pure Silk Curtain For Windows: Curtain with loops, Eyelets, Channel & Tie Bands. Panels, Noren, Draperies & Shower Curtain. 8. Cotton And Pure Silk Bed Linen: Bed Cover, Bed Spread, Multi Cover, Dust Cover, Duvet Cover, Quilted Duvets, Quilts, Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, Bolsters, Chair Pads, Box Cushions, Fitted Sheets, Comforter Cases, Box Sheet Covers, Terry Bath Towels & Bath ROBES, Laundry Bags. 9. Cotton Floor Covering: Floor Mats, Durries, Rugs, Runners, Bath Mats & Terry Bath Mats. 10. Cotton Beach Articles: Beach Towel, Beach Mattress & Beach Bags. 11. Cotton AND Pure Silk Furnishing Fabric: Jacquards, Dobby, Drill, Canvas & Textured Fabric for Sofas, Chair Cover, Settees & Throws. 12. Accessories: Cotton: Trimmings, Cording, BRAIDING, Fringes, Tassels And Rosettes. Silk : Embellished Handbags, Scarves, Stoles, Shawls & Borders. The above Made-Up items are also made by us in Polyester and Linen fabric. Associated Companies: Reliance Chemotex Industries Limited (Manufacturer & Exporter of Synthetic and blended yarn) Modern Fibotex India Limited (Manufacturer &Exporter of Pure Silk & Silk Blended Fabrics / Home Textiles) Spell Fashions Private Limited (Manufacturer and Exporter of Premium Brand Men's Shirts) Indo Textiles & Fibres Limited (Textiles)

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