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Fabrics, cotton, for clothing and household linen
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Golden Wings Trading Company

Merchant Exporters of Medicated / Toilet / Ayurvedic / Laundry Soap, Liquid Soap, Toilet / Floor Cleaner, Antiseptic Liquid, Shaving Cream, Sanitary Napkins, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee, Rice, Sugar, Jaggery, Eggs, Poultry Products, Perishable Products, Dairy Products, Confectionery Products, Wheat Flour, Oil, Spices, Candles, Onions, Shallots, Garlic, Jute Bags, Basic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Agarbatties, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Hair Shampoo, Hair Oil, Tooth Brush, Talcum Powder, Hair Cream, Cream, Moisturizing Lotion, Disinfectants, Detergent Powder, Cosmetics, Medicines, Chemical and Allied Products, Stationary Items, Shaving Blade/Razor, Rubber & Rubber Products, Condoms, Soft Luggage/Travel Ware, Rubber Gasket Ring, Textiles, Cotton, Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Yarn, Terry Cotton, Silk Products, Viscose Yarn, Polyester/Viscose, Leather Products & Other Leather Wares, Sports Goods, Musical Instruments, Printed Books, Wood Products, Articles Of Base Metal, Electric And Electronic Products, Engineering Goods, Utensils- Cutlery Art ware, Kitchenware's, Household Items Made Or Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel Castings, Handicrafts Articles, Murti, Rakhi, Artistic Paintings On Cloth, Wooden Beads, Bangles, Brass Electrical Wire Accessories, Brass Hardware, Brass Parts, Copper Lugs And Copper Electrical Wire Accessories, Plastic Products Of All Type Household Articles, Goods, Kitchenware, Novelties And Other Plastic Moulded Goods, Plastic Mats and Plastic Bags, Plastic Bead, Snuff Powder / Beedies / Cigarette, Power loom / Hand loom / Mill made Items, Made-Ups (Including Bed Cover, Pillow Cover,, Napkins, Towels), Dyed and Printed, Redymade Garments, Glass & Glassware's, Imitation Jewellers, Imitation Stones.

Supplier of:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Cereals and pseudo cereals
  • Rice...
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