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Fabrics, cotton, denim, for clothing and household linen
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Herbal Fab

Manufacturer and Trader of Organic Vegetable Dyed/Printed Fabrics,Bio Cotton Fabrics, Organic Clothing, Organic KHADI, Handspun and Handwoven Fabric, Non Violent Silk, Organic Denim, Organic Printed, Fabric, Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Sustainable Fabrics, Organic T-shirts, Organic Cotton- Bamboo Blend Fabrics, Special, Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Organic Woven Fabrics, Organic Knits Fabric, Organic Cotton Grey, Fabrics Organic Herbal Dyed Fabrics, Organic Herbal Printed Fabrics, Organic Towels, Organic Bedsheets, Organic Spa Products, Organic Textiles, Organic Garments, Organic Vegetable Dyed Yarn Fabrics, Organic yoga wear, Organic woven garments, Organic knitted garments, KHADI, Organic khadi, Bio khadi, Handwoven fabrics, Organic yarn, Organic herbal dyed yarn, Organic vegetable dyed yarn, Organic customised garments, Bio customised clothing, Organic tops, Organic hoodies, Bengal khadi, Organic traditional prints, Bamboo yarn, Bio vegetable dyed yarn fabric, Organic herbal dyed yarn fabric, Vegetable dyeing, herbal dyeing, herbal printing, vegetable printing, vegetable yarn dyeing, organic socks, Bio cotton bedsheets, Bio cotton bedding, Bio cotton spa products, Bio cotton towels, Bemberg-Modal blend, 100% modal, Ahimsa silk, peace silk, Organic jeans, Bio jeans, Bio denim, Organic cotton-bamboo T-shirts, Organic herbal dyedfabrics, Organic herbal printed fabric, Organic bags, Organic cotton bags, Organic men clothing, Organic women clothing, Organic children clothing, Organic kids, clothing, Bio T-shirts, Organic jersey, Organic bathrobes, Organic cotton stoles, scarves, organic natural Indigo denim, Organic vegetable indigo denim, Organic baby, Eco-friendly bags, Organic herbal clothing.

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Mondo Styles

An Apparel Sourcing Office And Manufacturer of Knitted, Woven, & Home Furnishing Products. KNITS: Casual Wears, Office Wears, Sports Wears, Tees, Fleece Jackets, Hoodies, Golf Shirts, Sleep Wears, Outer Wears, Under Wears, Slips, Pyjamas Sets, -Covering Mens, Ladies, & Children. WOVENS: Mens Shirts, Womens Skirts, Tops, Boxer Shorts, Slips etc. WOVEN MADE-UPS: Bed Sets, Curtains, Table Mats, Aprons, Pillow Ticks Towels etc. BABIES: Rompers, Crew Necks, Strap Dress, Baby Toys, Baby Pads, Napkins, Baby Sheets, Short And Long Sleeve Pyjama Sets, Briefs etc CHILDREN: Crew Necks, Strap Dresses, Short and Long Sleeve Pyjama Sets, both for Girls and Boys, etc........... LADIES: Yoga Dresses, Crew Necks for Ladies, (Inner) Strap Dress (Tank Tops), Sleeve Less Tops, Slips, Capri Pants, Short and Long Sleeve Pyjama Sets Night Dress, MENS: Inner Muscle Tee-Shirt, Sleeveless, Body Size, Crew Neck, Yoga Dress, Short and Long Sleeve Pyjama Sets. WE DO ORGANIC COTTON FOR THE FOLLOWING CUSTOMERS - USA- TEN ORGANIC TEXTILES, USA- SOPHIE CATALOGUE. POLAND-LPP UK-DEVELOPING MARKET WITH NEW CUSTOMERS, SWISS-FAB, We source the organic cotton from a integrated textile enterprise located in tirupur (who is cultivating the crops in the eastern and southern part of India) which is be approved by SKAL INTERNATIONAL (CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATION), (which is officially Accredited by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (USDA). We dye the fabric in OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 TEST-NO ZHKO 049985, TESTEX ZURICH, which is approved by SWISS TEXTILE TESTING INSTITUTE.

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