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Eureka Electrodes And Wires Private Limited

Manufacturing and Trading of Steel Welding Electrodes and Cuttings. Plant and Machinery Wire Drawing Unit Dry Mixer Wet Mixer Straightening and Cutting Machine Briquette Press Table Type Conveyor Flux Stripping Machine Baking Oven Welding Electrode Turn-Key Project Sieving Machine Briquette Press C Type Extruder Line Horizontal Extruder Line Vertical Packet Shrink Packing Machine Box Shrink Packing Machine with L Sealer Welding Electrodes Cellulosic Electrode For Pipe Weld Mild Steel Electrode Mild Steel High Efficiency Electrode Low Hydrogen Electrode For Mild Steel And Medium Tensile Steel Low Hydrdrogen Electrode For High Tensile Steel Electrodes For Cryogenic Applications Electrodes For Creep And Heat Resistant Steel Hardfacing And Overlaying Manganese Alloyed Hardfacing Electrodes High Cobalt Alloyed Electrodes - Duro Steels High Alloyed Austenitic And Austenitic Ferritic Stainless Seel High Alloyed Ferritic Stainless Seel High Alloyed Heat Resistant Stainless Seel Medium Alloyed Basic Electrode For Welding Fine Grained Steels Medium And High Alloyed Basic Electrode For Welding Creep Resistant Steel High Alloyed Special Purpose Electrode Austenitic Heat Resistant Steels Austenitic Stainless Steels Dissimiliar And Mixed Stainless Steel Martenistic Stainless Electrodes For Welding Copper And Aluminium Alloys Electrodes For Piercing, Cutting And Gouging

Supplier of:

  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Electrodes, metal
  • Tungsten electrodes...

Pahwa Metaltech Private Limited

Manufacturer and exporter of advance copper titanium alloys and its products like non sparking hand tools, plunger tips and die inserts, welding tips and plasma nozzles, dies and moulds for plastic molding, resistance welding products, applications in oil and gas, automotive, heavy engineering, defense, electrical and general industry. PRODUCTS : NON SPARKING, NON MAGNETIC HAND TOOLS : Copper Titanium Non-Sparking, Non Magnetic hand tools are high-quality safety tools, which offer superior performance and are 100% free from Beryllium. PLUNGER TIPS AND DIE INSERTS : opper Titanium Plunger Tips delivers much higher performance over conventional Plunger Tips. Copper Titanium Die Inserts and Core Pins provide much better cooling and high productivity. DIES AND MOULDS FOR PLASTIC MOULDING : Copper Titanium alloy provides excellent combination of high thermal conductivity and hardness making it ideal for plastic moulds. It reduces warpage and moulding cycle times. WELDING TIPS AND PLASMA NOZZLES : Copper Titanium alloy for Welding Tips, PTAW Tips and HVOF Nozzles give superior performance as compared to other Copper Alloys. RESISTANCE WELDING PRODUCTS : Copper Titanium has perfect combination of hardness and conductivity making it the preferred material for Products like Seam Welding Wheels & Spot Welding Electrodes. SPECIAL APPLICATION : Want to try Copper Titanium alloy for a New Application? We work closely with our customers to understand their application and provide the best engineered solutions.

Supplier of:

  • Metals and semi-finished products for electronic and electrical use
  • Basic metal products
  • Metals and alloys for electrical contacts...
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