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Jainsons India Regd.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified, CE Marked, WHO-GMP Certified Company. Ainsons (India) Regd. Company Is Serving Above 52 Countries Since 1957. Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Educational & Scientific Laboratory Equipment In India. With An Experience & Expertise Of Over Six Decades The Company Has A Vast Customer Base Spread Over 52 Countries. Superior Manufacturing Techniques Are Deployed To Manufacture & Export Quality Science Laboratory Products Like Surgical Instruments, Medical Disposable Equipments, Dairy Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Hollowares, Laboratory Chemicals We Are Regularly Supplying Educational & Laboratory Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Medical Disposables , Medical Equipments, Dairy Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Hollowares , Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Chemicals, Agriculture Machinery & Tools To Various Parts Of The World For More Than 6 Decades. LAB SMITH, MEDBERG, AGROWAVE & MILKMAN Are Our Four Major Renowned Brands. We Have Various Eminent Distributors & Valuable Customers All Over The World. We Have Successfully Accomplished Innumerable International Tenders In Past Decades. Approved Supplier List Of "United Nations" & Also The Same Of "UNFPA"- New York. Furthermore, Our Registration With "Who"- Geneva & .crown Agents. U.K. Has Propelled Our Presence In The International Marketplace. We Are A Globally Recognized As A Reliable Exporter Of Durable, Safe & Scientifically Updated Instruments & Equipment For Accurate Measurements & Experimental Results. Laboratory Instruments : We Are One Of The Best Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Scientific Educational Laboratory Ware In India. Jainsons India Is Synonyms With Manufacturing & Exporting Supreme Quality Laboratory Ware In India. All Our Laboratory Ware Are Manufactured & Marketed Under The Brand Lab Smith. Our Extensive Range Of Laboratory Ware Includes Educational Modals, Laboratory Accessories, Laboratory Glassware Exporter In India, Laboratory Platicwares, Laboratory Membranes & Filters, Laboratory Metalware, Laboratory Meter, Laboratory Porcelain-ware, Laboratory PTFE Ware Manufacturer In India, Laboratory Silica & Quartz Ware, Laboratory Rubberware & Woodware. We Are Scientific Laboratory Glassware Exporters Of Physics Lab Instruments & Equipments, Laboratory Platinum Ware, Petroleum Testing Equipments In India, Laboratory Instruments, Sampling Bags & Kits, Water Distillation & Treatment Plant, Weighing & Height Scales, Whatman Equipment & Many More To Name. Medical Instruments & Equipment : We Are A Well Known Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Medical Instruments & Equipment In India. Jainsons India Is A Well-established Who-gmp & ISO Certified Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Medical Instruments & Equipments In India. All Our Medical Equipment Are Prepared Under The Best Team Of Professionals Using Latest Technological Advancements & Testing Procedures. We Are Recognized Producers Of World Class Medical Instruments & Equipment & Orthopaedic Aids & Implant Equipment Using Best In Industry Raw Materials & International Standards Of Testing To Produce Top-notch Medical Instruments Including Hospital Furniture, Autoclaves & Sterilizers, Dental Instruments, Diagnostic Equipment, Examination Gloves, Hospital Holloware, Medical Equipment, Medical Imaging, Opthalmic Instruments & Equipment, Operation Theatre Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Rehabilitation Products, Suction Machines, Surgical Dressings & Bandages, Laboratory Centrifuge, Medical Disposables, Suction Machine, Surgical Instruments Etc. All Our Medical Instruments & Equipments Are Manufactured & Marketed Under Our Registered Brand MEDBERG. Associated Companies: Vardhman Electron Devices

Supplier of:

  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical
  • Medical equipment and instruments
  • Surgical equipment and instruments...

Prabhat Udyog

Prabhat Udyog Is Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters Of Eggs, Biscuits, Spices, Sugar, Rice-Indian Basmati Rice (Raw & Sella): Basmati Rice Supreme Grade Quality,Basmati Rice Grade A, B, C, Basmati 1121, Basmati Rice Pusa, Basmati Rice Sharbati, Basmati Rice Parboiled Creamy, Golden, Brown, Basmati Sugandha,Soya Products- Soya Cake, Soya Beans, Soya Milk, Soya & Jute/ Plastic Bags, Gherkins, Cashew Nuts, Milk Powder, Milk Products-Kulfi, Pre Ghee, Panner, Yogurt, Tea, Mango, Mango Pulp and Medical & other Equipments. We are Also Deals with Teflon Coating According to Customer Specification. Buscuits: Energy Biscuits, Glucose Biscuits, Marie Biscuits, Orange Cream Biscuits, Milk Cream Biscuits, Coconut Cookies, Crispy & Crunchy Salted Biscuits. Educational Equipments: Educational Equipment (from primary to university level needs), Laboratory Equipment (Autoclaves, ovens, Sterilizers, Refrigerators, Safety Cabinets, Centrifuges, Balances, Microscopes, Melting Point Apparatus, etc), Analytical and Scientific Instruments (HPLC, GC, AAS, UV-SPECTROTOMETER, ANALYZERS), Laboratory & Research Chemicals, Culture Media, Educational Aids & Books. Medical Equipment: Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Holloware, Diagnostic Equipments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Hospital Disposables, Hospital Gas Plants, Endoscopic Equipment & Instruments, Imaging systems, Radiology Equipments, ICU Equipments, OT Theatre Equipments,Lights Table,Hospital linen Hospital Refrigerators, Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry Equipments & Consumable, Pathology Equipments & Consumable, Blood Bank Equipments , OPD Equipments, Opthalmic Equipments, ENT Equipment, Dermatology Equipments, Nephrology Equipment Cardiology Equipment, Pediatric Neonalal Equipments Hospital Transportation vehicles, Cold Chain Equipments Hospital Incinerators, Medical Gas Equipments, Hospital Sundries, Dental Equipments & Units, Micro Biology Equipments, Diagnostic Reagents and Pharmaceuticals. Engineering: Transformers, Generators, Conductors, Transmission line Hardware, Cables, Jointing kits, Switch Gear / Electrical hardware, Panels, Energy Meter & Panel Mounted Meters, Industrial Machines, Workshop Machines, Printing Machines, SPM, Packaging Machines, Textile Machines, Welding Machines, Agricultural Equipments, Pumps, Diesel Engines, Valves, Pipes and Fittings Process Equipment, Boilers, Furnaces, etc., Material Handling / Earth Moving / Garage Equipment, Raw Materials, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools. Testing & Measuring Equipment, Office Equipment, Drawing instruments, Writing instruments, Survey Instruments, Audio Visual Equipment, Office Automation, Furniture Kitchen Equipment, Laundry Equipment, Home Appliances, Security / Safety Equipment, Automotives, Vehicles. Information Technology: Computer Hardware, Software products, Consultancy Projects, Networking (LAN/WAN), Turnkey IT solutions. Software Development and Software Solutions for Major Govt and Private Bodies. Associated Companies: VRK Solutions

Supplier of:

  • Eggs
  • Livestock and fish
  • Eggs, chicken and other poultry, free-range...

Xyster Devices Private Limited

Manufacturer & Exporter Of Surgical Device & Instruments. Stone Baskets & Retrievals In The Fields Of Urology, Gastroenterology & Cardiology. Surgical Devices : Endoscopy Disposables : Stents & Catheters (Ureteral Indwelling D .j. Stent, Teco Flex, Carbothane, Ureteral Cathete, Endopyletomy Stent) Nephrostomy (Pigtail Catheter, Pigtail Trocar, Malecot Catheter, Malecot Trocar) Dilatation (Ureteral Dilator Set (5 Set), Ureteral Dilator Set (6 Set), Fascial Dilator Set, Meatal Dilator, Suprapubic Puncture And Drinage Set) Accessories-urology (Bulb Evacuator, Endoscopy Syringe, Penile Clamp Incontinence Clamp, Umbilical Clamp, Allyx Bottle, Guide Wires, Ipn Needle, Track Finder - Bulb Irrigation, Silicon Tube, Amplatz Sheath, Hernia Mesh) S S Baskets (Stone Basket, Flexible Tri-prong Grasper, Stent Retrieval) Nitinol Baskets (Nitinol 'o' Tip Basket, Nitinol Helical Basket, Nitinol Segura Basket, Nitinol Extractor) Nephrology (Loop Gage Basket, Perk Basket) Radiology / Urology (Tru-cut Biopsy, Laser Basket) Litho (Litho Clast, Handle Guide, Probe, Foot Switch, Sheath, Litho Sheath) Gastroenterology (Multiwire Basket, Helical Basket, Colonoscopy Snares) Gastroenterology Stents / Catheters (Sclero Injector Needle, Biliary Stent, Naso Biliary Drinage Catheter) Vascular Baskets (Nitinol Vascular Basket, Nitinol Vascular Snare) Accessories Cardiology (Torquer Device, Control Syringe, Manifold, Extension Tube, Introducer Needle, High Pressure Tube) Turp Instruments (Urs Rigid Forceps, Turp Electrodes 24 Fr) Gynaecologys (Iui Catheter) Surgical Instruments: Cystoscope Instruments (Cystoscope Sheath, Single / Double Channel Bridge, Optical Biopsy Forceps, Cystoscope Biopsy) Urethrotome Instruments (Optical Urethrotome Sheath - 21 Fr, Otis Urethrotome - Prostate, Otis Dilator.s Tip) Accessories Dilators (Urethral Dilators, Lister Dilators, Hey Groove Dilators, Hegard Dilators, Graduated Step Dilator) Bladder Stone Instruments (Stone Punch Set - Mauermayer, Obturator - Visual For Stone Punch, Stone Crusher With 25fr. Sheath) Resectoscope Instruments (Monopolar Working Element, C I Sheath - 26fr With 24fr Inner Sheath) Turp Instruments (Turp Trocar, Pcnl Trocar, Spc Trocar, Turp Electrodes 24 Fr) Nephroscope Instruments (Flat Jaw Pcnl Forceps - Bi Prong, Stone Graspuing Pcnl Forceps, Pcnl Miniperk Dilator With Sheath, Pcnl Amplatz Dilator Set, Pcnl Single Step Dilator Set - Metallic, Pcnl Sheath, Nephroscope Protection Tube, Pcnl Dilation Needle (Alkine Needle), Pcnl Trumpet Suction) Uretero Renoscope (Stone Grasping Forceps, Urs Rigid Forceps, Urs Bugbee Electrodes - Flexible 60 Cm, Uretroscope Protection Tube, Urs Bridge) Lap-uro Instruments (Hemo Clip Applicator, Endo Knife, Liver Applicator, Clamp Applier - Bull Dog, Veress Needle, Trocar, Reducers, Grasper, Bipolar Ruby, Trumpet Suction, 2 Way, Electrode, Needle Holder, Port Closer, Knot Pusher) Gynaecology Instruments (Ring Applicator, Simple Spiral Trocar, Drilling Needle, Myoma Screw, Myomectomy Needle, >vaginal Dilator, Ccl Extractor Ball, Iui Cannula / Catheter, Colpotomy Tub>, Palpation Probe, Rectal (Vaginal) Probe, >10 Mm Uterus Holding Forceps, Bipolar Flat Ruby, Bipolar Merryland, Metal Bi Clamp With Cable, Dye Injector Manipulator, Simple Uterine Manipulator, Tvt Needle, Rubbins Cannulae) Gynaecology Uterine Manipulator (Sukadhya Uterine Manipulator, Tinaculam Uterine Manipulator, Marwah Uterine Manipulator, Diagnostic Sheath, Operative Sheath(German Type), Operative Sheath(Batochi), Pressure Bag, 4mm Hysteroscope Protection Tube, Monopolar Bugbee Electrode, >hysteroscope Biopsy - Flexible & Semi Rigid, Endo Loop)

Supplier of:

  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical
  • Medical equipment and instruments
  • Electrotherapy equipment...
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